The White House Just Fired Another Top State Dept. Official – Who Contradicted WH Account of Tillerson Firing


'Rexit' Takes Another Top State Official

After President Donald Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the State Dept. issued a statement saying Tillerson had not spoken with Trump and had no idea why he had been fired. NBC News' Andrea Mitchell reports Tillerson - contrary to the official White House claim that Tillerson had been fired on Friday - reports Tillerson learned he was out of a job when he saw Trump's tweet, minutes after The Washington Post first reported the news.

Now, the number four person at the State Dept. is also out of a job, reportedly for issuing the statement that contradicted the White House timeline.

"Steve Goldstein, Rex Tillerson's top spokesman at the State Department, was fired Tuesday for contradicting the official administration account of Tillerson's firing," CNBC reports citing a White House official.

Goldstein, a Trump appointee, had been unanimously confirmed by the Senate.


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