Reality TV Show Host President Hires TV Show Host as His Chief Economic Advisor



President Donald Trump will hire CNBC TV host Larry Kudlow as his director of the National Economic Council. Kudlow, a longtime conservative commentator and TV personality, is friends with the president, and reportedly speaks with him frequently. Kudlow has supported Trump's presidency since the campaign, and has offered ideas that some finance experts see as fantastical.

"Trump could announce his decision to choose Kudlow as his National Economic Council director as soon as Thursday," CNBC first reported. "The president offered the CNBC senior contributor and on-air personality the job on Tuesday night, and Kudlow accepted, a person familiar told CNBC."

Kudlow would replace Gary Cohn, who resigned in frustration over the president's tariffs plans.

Here's Kudlow defending and advising Trump just after the "Access Hollywood" tape was released, before the election. Trump took Kudlow's advice.

UPDATE: 1:23 PM ET -
Kudlow has officially accepted.

Images of Donald Trump via Wikimedia
Image of Larry Kudlow by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia

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