Pennsylvania Special Election Count Right Now Incredibly Close


Too Close to Call Right Now - May Be Decided by Absentee Ballots

The special election for a Pennsylvania U.S House seat right now is too close to call. The race between Republican Rick Saccone (image, left) and Democrat Conor Lamb may be decided by absentee votes. More than two and a half hours after the polls closed, about 700 to 1000 votes separate the two candidates.

Decision Desk HQ at 10:39 PM puts it at about 1100 votes in favor of Lamb, but not yet final:

MSNBC at 10:48 puts Lamb ahead by 755 votes ahead.

Both put it at 50% to 50%.

There are several thousand absentee ballots that will have to be counted, and a portion of those will not be opened until Friday. Several county's absentee ballots will be counted by midnight tonight.

It's slightly possible the final results will be known tonight.

Stay tuned.

At 10:57 PM Lamb's lead has dropped to 95 votes.

At 11:04 PM Lamb is now up by 847 votes, per MSNBC.




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