Hours Before Polls Open Rick Saccone Says Democrats ‘Have a Hatred for God’


Republican Running in Pennsylvania Special Election Campaigns With Trump Jr.

Rick Saccone Monday night told his supporters Democrats hate God, America, and President Donald Trump. Saccone had spent the day campaigning with the President's son, Donald Trump Jr., and had been endorsed by the president Saturday night when Trump flew to Pennsylvania to deliver a speech to try to rally Republicans to get out and vote to elect him to the U.S. House of Representatives.

"They're energized for hate for our president," Saccone told supporters crowded into a local western Pennsylvania firehouse Monday night, with Donald Trump Jr. by his side, NBC News reports. "I've talked to many of these on the left. They have a hatred for our president. Many of them have a hatred for our country. I'll tell you some more — my wife and I saw it again today, they have a hatred for God."

In Tuesday's tight Pennsylvania special election race Saccone is facing Democrat Conor Lamb in what should have been a hands-down cake walk win for the GOP. Lamb is a former Marine and former Assistant U.S. Attorney.

Saccone is vying for the seat held by Republican former U.S. Congressman Tim Murphy who resigned amid a scandal involving revelations he tried to get his mistress to abort their pregnancy. After he resigned further revelations found he had created a culture of abuse and harassment in his offices.

Saccone, the author of the book "God in Our Government," has been described as having ties to Dominionism. Right Wing Watch calls him "a Trumpist with a Christian nationalist bent." 


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