Bill O’Reilly Goes on Astonishingly Racist Screed Against ‘LGBTs and Minorities’ Working to Get ‘Whiteness Out of Power’


Accused sexual harasser Bill O'Reilly is long-gone from Fox News but the Fox News is not gone from Bill O'Reilly. Wednesday on his "No Spin News" web-based show, the 68-year old TV veteran descended into a nearly 3-minute racist screed attacking LGBT people, minorities, the Me Too Movement, and something he calls the open-border movement, while claiming they are all working one "getting whiteness out of power" – whiteness being white people, and primarily white men.

Al Sharpton is a "race hustler," and one of "those people," O'Reilly also said.

"For a long time skin color really wasn’t much of an issue. '80s and '90s, you didn’t hear a lot – yeah you always had your Farrakhans and your Sharptons – you always had those people, they were race hustlers, it was a money thing, an industry thing," O'Reilly told his viewers. "But now whiteness has become the issue, whiteness," he said, as Media Matters reported.

"Alright so if you’re a white American you are part of a cabal that either consciously or unconsciously keeps minorities down," he said, claiming to explain what the left thinks. "Therefore that has to end and whiteness has to be put aside."

"That’s what the border is all about. The open border people and believe me, this is behind the movement in California and in the Democratic precincts. Let everybody in, everybody in – that would diminish whiteness because minorities then would take over as they have in many parts of California."

O'Reilly, just like the '70's sitcom character Archie Bunker, is so wrapped up in his belief that white people are supposed to be in power, he reveals without pretense exactly what he thinks.

"That’s what that’s all about. Getting whiteness out of power, particularly white men. So then the Me Too movement, very closely aligned with the progressive left, very, very closely aligned. Get those white guys, get ‘em, get ‘em," O'Reilly said, pretending to talk as a progressive.

"So you’re seeing this almost every day, I’m telling you about this almost every day. That the white people, whether they know it or not are oppressing and creating macroaggressions for the minority community," he said, misidentifying what some actually call micro-aggressions.

"So the white people have to be swept out of power, got to get them out, let the LGBTs and the minorities, and they have to run the show, that’s what it is all about, what this is all about and they’re making strides like crazy."


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