John Kelly Not Only Didn’t Care About Rob Porter’s Past – He Was Just About to Promote Him to an Important Position


'Top White House Officials Were Willing to Overlook' Alleged Abuse

The Rob Porter scandal keeps growing. Now into day seven, CNN reports Chief of Staff John Kelly was preparing to promote Porter, the White House staff secretary. 

Kelly, a former U.S. Marine Corps general and former Homeland Security Secretary, has repeatedly lied about how the White House has handled the information that Porter was credibly accused by both of his ex-wives of physical and verbal domestic abuse.

But Kelly apparently did not care.

"Rob Porter was involved in serious discussions to be promoted when he abruptly resigned from the White House last week amid allegations that he abused his two ex-wives," CNN reports.

Porter was "being considered for the deputy chief of staff position," CNN adds, which would report directly to Kelly.

"His anticipated elevation further highlights how top White House officials were willing to overlook indications from the FBI that there were potential abuse allegations in his background in exchange for professional competence in a tumultuous West Wing."

CNN adds that "Porter had been actively lobbying to take on new policy portfolios outside the traditional scope of the staff secretary."

Earlier Tuesday FBI Director Christopher Wray destroyed the White House's claims that they learned of Porter's alleged domestic abuse just before the Daily Mail article was published one week ago.

Wray told the Senate Tuesday morning that the FBI had notified the White House last March – nearly one year ago – of problems with Porter's background check. In July it made clear the allegations of domestic abuse. And in January it concluded the background investigation.

Each of those details reveal a coverup and lies by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and deputy press secretary Raj Shah.