WATCH: Trump Visits Florida Hospital Two Days After Mass Shooting – Refuses to Answer Question About Gun Laws


Trump Says 'It's Sad Something Like That Could Happen' but Offers No Solutions

President Donald Trump visited one of the hospitals some of the victims of the Parkland, Florida school mass shooting were taken to. He told reporters he saw some of those injured by a 19-year old gunman who killed 17 people and wounded 14 others on Wednesday.

The president praised the doctors, law enforcement officials, and first responders, and was very impressed with the short amount of time some of the injured were able to be taken to the hospital. He called it "record-setting."

"The job they've done is incredible and I want to congratulate you," President Trump told Dr. Igor Nichiporenko, a trauma surgeon.

The president, when asked if he had seen any of the victims, did not mention any of them by name or age, nor did he relay any remarks they might have shared. He also did not say how many of the victims he saw, or if he spoke with them or their families. He also did not appear with any of the victims or their families.

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"It's sad something like that could happen," President Trump told reporters, referring to the mass shooting, while once again offering no practical response to prevent gun violence, especially in schools.

One reporter clearly close to the president asked, "Do our gun laws need to be changed, Mr. President?"

Trump waved, his demeanor seems to dampen, and he and the First Lady walked away, without responding to the question.

This is at least the their time President Trump has had an opportunity to offer a plan, or some concrete ideas on how to combat the pandemic of gun violence in America that kills over 33,000 people in this country each year. 



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