Trump Tweet Aims to Kill DACA Deal


Trump Invokes 9/11

Barely two hours after promising children they will b his "top priority," President Donald Trump posted a series of tweets effectively killing the DACA deal. 

Late last month Trump held a 55 minute bipartisan meeting in the White House during which he promised to sign any immigration bill Republicans and Democrats sent him. He said he would take the heat if it were unpopular, and even said he would sign it if it contained elements he did not like.

Now the president is doing everything he can to not only reverse those promises, but to kill DACA one more time – after he signed an order last year that effectively ended the Obama-era program. 

Some, including Senior Director of Progressive Programming for SiriusXM, and frequent MSNBC guest, say Trump's claims are false:

Others note his official statement invokes 9/11 against DACA recipients:

More responses:

The Senate is readying to vote on four immigration proposals this afternoon.