Trump’s Hand-Picked FBI Director Just Totally Exposed the Extent of the White House Coverup of the Rob Porter Scandal


White House Lied

On the seventh day of the Rob Porter scandal President Donald Trump's own hand-picked FBI Director exposed the extent of the White House coverup. 

Testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee Christopher Wray, who Trump nominated as FBI Director after he fired James Comey, revealed the timeline of when the White House was told about the domestic abuse allegations against Porter by both his ex-wives.

It's remarkably different than what White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, deputy press secretary Raj Shah, and even Chief of Staff John Kelly have stated.

The FBI gave the White House, according to Director Wray, "a partial report on problems in Mr. Porter’s background in March," The New York Times reports.

The White House claimed they first learned of the domestic abuse allegations on Tuesday, one week ago, just before the explosive Daily Mail article was published.

Here's Director Wray testifying before the Senate late Tuesday morning:

Director Wray told the Senate Intelligence Committee that after delivering that partial report last March, "the F.B.I. gave the White House 'a completed background investigation' in late July," The Times adds. "He said the bureau received a request for a 'follow-up inquiry' and provided more information about Mr. Porter’s background to the White House in November."

Wray "also said that Mr. Porter’s background check investigation was 'administratively closed' in January, weeks before the allegations against Mr. Porter were publicly known."

But the White House told reporters that Porter's background check had never been completed.

As staff secretary Porter had extraordinary contact with both President Trump and every document that crossed the president's desk, including top secret an classified items. 

Last Thursday, February 8, White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah told reporters in a prepared statement, "the allegations against Rob Porter are serious and deeply troubling. He did deny them. The incidents took place long before he joined the White House. Therefore, they were investigated as part of the background check, as this process is meant for such allegations. It was not completed, and Rob Porter has since resigned."

Again: the White House publicly claimed Porter's background check "was not completed."

That's a lie. period.