Sarah Huckabee Sanders Shrugs Off Rob Porter Scandal With Tone Deaf and Glib Statement


'The President Supports Victims of Domestic Violence and Believes Everyone Deserves to Be Treated Fairly and With Due Process'

Sarah Huckabee Sanders repeatedly read a tone-deaf and glib statement as she was pelted with numerous questions about the Rob Porter scandal by White House press corps reporters. 

Huckabee Sanders Monday afternoon was asked why President Trump has never voiced concern for the victims of Rob Porter's alleged domestic violence and emotional abuse. Huckabee Sanders referred reporters to the statement she had just read, telling them repeatedly President Trump believes everyone deserves due process but he also takes domestic violence very seriously.

Huckabee Sanders seconds earlier had read a glib and tone-deaf statement, and ended by saying the White House would have no further comment.

The White House press secretary, apparently tired of being asked about how the White House could allow someone like Rob Porter, whose background check was not completed, access to classified information, struck back by attacking the press.

"You guys are the ones that publish classified information and put national security at risk – that doesn't come from the White House," she claimed.

Huckabee Sanders concluded by saying that every day "we come to work and hope to do a better job than the day before."


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