Famous for Fake News Devin Nunes Launches Right Wing ‘News’ Website – That Doesn’t Work


'The Russians Are Everywhere... and Nowhere' Nunes 'News' Site Claims

The House Ethics Committee should really look into this.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA), the man behind the fraudulent Nunes memo, has launched a "news" website called The California Republican that's being funded by his re-election campaign.

Politico reported the story Sunday in an article titled, "Devin Nunes creates his own alternative news site."

Nunes' "news" site doesn't work.

The site has been down since at least Sunday, with all pages redirecting back to the site's Facebook page, as The Hill notes.

"Due to heavy traffic and an attack on our servers, you may encounter an error message when attempting to reach The Republican," a Facebook post says.

The site's Facebook page does not tell readers it is propaganda paid for by a political campaign. Instead, it lists itself as a "Media/News Company," and claims to be "Delivering the best of US, California, and Central Valley news, sports, and analysis."

Not noting it is a product of a political campaign could - and certainly should - be a violation of Facebook's rules.

Titles of articles gleaned from a Google cache of the site include:

"The Russians are everywhere... and nowhere"

"Mueller's missteps began from the get-go. They've gotten worse."

"CNN busted for peddling fake news AGAIN!"

"Where Exactly is 'The Resistance' headed?"

and this grammatically-challenged gem:

"Billions of dollars later, Democrats and the LA Times starts to see the light on high-speed rail"

On Facebook, the site has less than 4000 followers.

"He's got fake memos, fake websites and fake news," Nunes' main Democratic challenger Andrew Janz told Politico. "It's disappointing to see a member of Congress, especially one who chairs an important committee, spread misinformation to his constituents, who he knows will just eat it up."


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