Donald Trump Jr Attacks Adam Rippon on Twitter – Proving His Ignorance Once Again


'I Haven’t Heard Him Mention You Once???' Trump Jr. Says. He's Wrong.

Donald Trump Jr. Tuesday night decided to launch an unprovoked attack on a member of the U.S. Olympic team who is still representing America overseas. The president's eldest son took to Twitter to bash Adam Rippon, one of America's first two openly-gay Winter Olympic athletes. Rippon, 28, won a Bronze medal for Team USA but that didn't stop Trump from hitting the Olympian.

Trump Jr. responded to tweeted article from The Hill, "Adam Rippon: I don't want my Olympic experience to be 'about Mike Pence.'"

Rippon made headlines when he told USA Today that as a Congressman Mike Pence supported funding for dangerous anti-gay conversion therapy. The practice has been ruled fraud by courts, and major medial organizations recognize it as both harmful and ineffective. Rippon also said he did not want to sit down with the Vice President during the Olympic Games, as it would be too distracting.

Clearly angered, Trump Jr. lashed out.

The president's son may not have heard Vice President Pence talking about Rippon, but he has. Twice in public, not to mention calling USA Today to demand a meeting with Rippon, which was refused.

In a series of tweets on his way to South Korea, as the head of the U.S. Olympic delegation, Pence basically called Rippon a liar by stating his support of conversion therapy was "#FAKENEWS."

Just because Trump didn't hear Pence mention him doesn't mean he didn't. Earlier this month Trump Jr. launched into another Twitter tirade, getting his facts wrong.

Rippon, who just yesterday delivered a warm and wise message to his haters, has not responded to Trump.


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