Trump Was Asked Again to Comment on Domestic Violence and the Rob Porter Scandal – Here’s How He Responded


Does Trump Think He'll Lose Votes if He Comes Out Against Hitting Your Spouse?

It's day seven of the Rob Porter scandal and President Trump has yet to say anything in public about it. Trump, according to his press secretary, "dictated" remarks for her to tell White House reporters. He even posted a tweet defending Porter – not the alleged victims – which was not well received. But for a man who is rarely at a loss for words, denouncing allegations of domestic abuse is just too much to ask.

And ask they did – reporters allowed in for a brief photo op at Trump's trade meeting Tuesday afternoon shouted questions at the president as they were being herded out the door, as Raw Story reported.

"Mr. President, do you have a message to domestic violence victims?" one brave reporter asked.

"Thank you very much," the president told the exiting press pool. "Thank you."

There was no response from the president.

Trump won the White House thanks in large part to white women, a demographic that eluded Hillary Clinton. Clinton won women overall, by 12 points. Trump won men overall by 11 points. Trump, however, won six out of 10 white women without college degrees.

Morality aside for a moment, Trump – perhaps – could help expand his base by denouncing domestic violence in strong and definitive terms.

He refuses.

So back to morality.

Just like his summer scandal after the Charlottesville alt-right rally and protests, when the president stood in the lobby of Trump Tower and defended white supremacists – his infamous "both sides" speech, which coincidentally was also infrastructure week – Trump is refusing to say what most Americans are demanding: denounce domestic violence.

This is an easy one. But just like denouncing racism, just like denouncing white supremacy, Donald Trump just can't.

How little does he think of his base that he believes he will lose them if he comes out against hitting your spouse?


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