Donald Trump Finally Spoke on the School Mass Shooting. Barack Obama Just Tweeted the Perfect Response.


The Only Thing President Trump Had to Offer Was a Promise and a Prayer

President Donald Trump spoke for about six minutes late Thursday morning, promising the nation's children they are his "top priority," and offered a Bible verse while sharing exactly zero steps he planned to take to make children and school safe.

Former President Barack Obama, who has said he will speak out as he sees necessary, responded within an hour. And he sent the message President Trump should have, but didn't.

For example, in his entire speech, Trump worked extremely hard to not even say the word "gun." He succeeded. He did manage to say, "police responded to reports of gunfire," but didn't mention an actual gun. 

Nor did he mention gun control – or anything else that would help him keep the promise he made in those six minutes to the nation's children: "We're making our schools and our children top priority. It is not enough to simply take actions that make us feel like we're making a difference. We must actually make that difference."

We have no idea how he will "make that difference."

Out of respect, former President Obama waited until Trump was done. But shortly thereafter he posted a tweet that calls for  action – specifically, "common-sense gun safety laws."

The only thing President Trump had to offer was a promise and a prayer. Both were empty.

President Obama offered a solution.