‘Very Fine People on Both Sides’: Internet Outraged as Trump Defends Accused Wife Beater in Insane Oval Office Comment


'Women Do Not Exist in This Equation'

Many people are expressing outrage after President Trump defended his former staff secretary Rob Porter, who is credibly accused by both his ex-wives of domestic violence. Friday afternoon the president urged reporters to "remember" that Porter "says he's innocent," while saying, "hopefully he will have a great career ahead of him."

Trump repeatedly told reporters Porter "worked very hard," and lamented, "It's obviously a tough time for him."

Not once did Trump take the time to offer support for Porter's ex-wives. Not once did Trump even mention them, or take the opportunity to denounce domestic violence. Not once did Trump apologize for not firing Porter, who worked for him for over s year.

Here's how some on social media are responding:

MSNBC host Chris Hayes:

Journalist Rebecca Traister:

Former Obama-era U.S. Attorney Joyce Alene:

MSNBC's Joy Reid:

Daily Beast's Sam Stein:

CNN political commentator Keith Boykin:

Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star:

Mom's Demand founder Shannon Watts:

HuffPost Senior politics reporter Jennifer Bendery:

HuffPost Washington Bureau Chief Amanda Terkel:

Writer Leah McElrath:


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