Trump Postpones ‘Fake News’ Awards – Claims Date Change Due to ‘Far Greater’ Interest (It’s Not)


'The Interest in, and Importance of, These Awards Is Far Greater Than Anyone Could Have Anticipated!' Trump Says
(Actually, He's Going to a Football Game Instead)

There's no question that President Donald Trump is one of the nation's top purveyors of "fake news," and studies show the ones most likely to promote fake news are, in fact, his supporters. So it should not have been a surprise that the reality TV show star-in-chief this past week decided to hold an awards show to announce "THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR."

Late night TV show hosts including Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, and others have been actively campaigning to win what they're now calling a "Fakie," like an Emmy but for "fake news."

Trump has now, however, indicted himself as a "fake news" creator, having just tweeted he is changing the date for ten days from now, claiming, "The interest in, and importance of, these awards is far greater than anyone could have anticipated!"

It is grossly unseemly and a slap at the First Amendment for the President of the United States to not only wrongly call good reporting "fake news," but to go after the entire media industry (sans Fox News,) which is protected by the First Amendment.

The conservative Washington Examiner reveal Trump's real reason for changing the date: "Trump postpones his 'Fake News Awards' so he can go to college football national championship game."

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