Sarah Huckabee Sanders: ‘Absolutely Appropriate’ for Trump to Say Democrats Are ‘Complicit’ in Murder


Lies About Military Pay

Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended President Donald Trump and the ad he released through his re-election campaign Saturday that charges Democrats as being "complicit" in every murder by undocumented immigrants.

"Democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants," the ad, released Saturday, says.

"Is it appropriate for the President to say Democrats could be complicit in murder?" ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos asked the White House press secretary Monday morning. 

"It's absolutely appropriate for the Commander-in-Chief of this country to do everything he can to ensure he's protecting our citizens," Huckabee Sanders responded.

She then went on to unleash astonishing lies.

"It's outrageous that Democrats are holding our national security hostage, that they're not allowing our brave men and women who are out there on the front lines to be compensated, their families to be taken care of, the veterans associations to be taken care of, and frankly the Children's Health Care Program all on the line while Democrats are playing political games."

That's a lie. All of it.

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill put forth a bill on Saturday to ensure members of the U.S. Military are paid and on time during the shutdown. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to even allow it to come to the floor for a vote. "I object," McConnell said.

Newly-elected Democratic Senator Doug Jones of Alabama co-sponsored the bill.

As far as the Children's Health Care Program (CHIP) is concerned, Democrats have been begging Sen. McConnell to allow legislation to come to the floor for a vote to reauthorize the vital program literally since before it expired four months ago. He has repeatedly refused, saving it as a political pawn for a moment like this.

Weeks before it expired at the end of September there was a bipartisan deal all set to extend CHIP for five years. McConnell ignored it. He was too busy trying to repeal ObamaCare.

Months passed, despite Democrats' demands to reauthorize CHIP. Finally, it came to this:

"Gripping lumps of coal," NBC News reported in December, just after the GOP tax-cut-for-the-rich bill passed, "Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday demanded Republicans act before the holidays to reauthorize coverage for millions of children in low-income families whose health insurance is at risk of running out."


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