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Samantha Bee Brilliantly Calls Out Racist GOP Congressman for Hypocritical Martin Luther King Jr Tribute



Steve King Recently Said ‘Diversity Is Not Our Strength’

Samantha Bee isn’t putting up with Republicans’ hypocritical tweets “honoring” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on what President Trump called a national day of “civic work and community service” to “honor of Dr. King’s extraordinary life.” (President Trump has spent the day golfing.)

The most blatant hypocrisy on Martin Luther King Jr. Day came from Republican U.S. Congressman Steve King of Iowa, a racist and a white nationalist. He’s probably best known for his offensive insistence that most high school undocumented immigrants have “calves the size of cantaloupes” from all the drugs they run. 

In 2016 King insisted that during the protests in Ferguson, all the protestors “appear to be of a single, you know, of a single origin, I should say, a continental origin.” In other words, he was suggesting they were all African-American, which was clearly false.

King also claimed no other “sub groups” have contributed more to civilization than white people. Again, false. 

Rep. King warned that Hurricane Sandy victims would spend money they may receive from FEMA on “Gucci bags and massage parlors,” which he suggested Hurricane Katrina victims did.

The Iowa Congressman’s offensive remarks are not limited to racism. His anti-gay, anti-transgender remarks are extraordinarily outrageous as well.

He’s compared active duty U.S. service members who are transgender to eunuchs. He’s claimed gay people want “special rights for self-professed behavior.” And he’s claimed gay people are “condemned to hell” and added that none have ever made it to heaven in the past 2000 years.

For some reason Iowans keep electing Congressman King.

On Martin Luther King Day, despite having embraced and amplified policies and beliefs that go directly against the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Congressman King offered up this tweet:

Political commentator and comedian Samantha Bee wasn’t having any of it. She blasted King, reming him of his recent offensive remarks:

Indeed, Rep. King had said those words, on Twitter:

Last year, King praised Dutch white nationalist lawmaker Geert Wilders in this tweet:

King has never apologized for any of his racist or anti-LGBT remarks, nor has any GOP leader denounced them. King has never had to pay for them at the polls.

Bee also brilliantly called out the hypocrisy of other top Republicans today:





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Army Soldier Who Allegedly Discussed Plans to Bomb a Major News Network Arrested by FBI: Report



A U.S. Army soldier has been arrested after allegedly discussing plans to blow up a major American news network, and allegedly suggesting targeting Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has been arrested by the FBI. The suspect, Jarrett William Smith, also allegedly wanted to travel to Ukraine to fight a violent far-right group, and distribute information about how to make bombs, according to ABC News.

“A large vehicle bomb,” Smith allegedly said when discussing wanting to blow up a major news network’s headquarters. “Fill a vehicle full of [explosives] then fill a ping pong ball with [commonly available chemical] via drilling then injection. Put the ball in the tank of the vehicle and leave. 30 minutes later, BOOM.”

In suggesting targeting former U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, Smith reportedly had this conversation:

“You got anyone down in Texas that would be a good fit for fire, destruction and death?” an undercover FBI agent asked.

“Outside of Beto? I don’t know enough people that would be relevant enough to cause a change if they died,” Smith allegedly replied.

Speaking to an FBI informant Smith allegedly “discussed a plan for an attack inside the U.S., his search for more ‘radicals’ like himself, and the possibility of killing members of the group Antifa.”

Leading a Facebook group chat Smith also allegedly told another suspect, “Oh yeah, I got knowledge of IEDs for days. We can make cell phone IEDs in the style of the Afghans. I can teach you that.”

Smith “has been charged in Kansas with distributing information relating to weapons of mass destruction.”

Image: Shutterstock

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GOP Mass Exodus: ‘Staggering’ Number of House Republicans Leaving – One Way or Another – Since Trump Became President



The ongoing GOP mass exodus is even larger than many may have realized. Nearly four out of every ten Republican Representatives who were in office the day Donald Trump was sworn in as president no longer are or have announced they no longer will be U.S. Congressmen or Congresswomen.

The Washington Post reports that in the almost three years since Trump took office, due to resignations, retirements, and election losses “nearly 40 percent of the 241 Republicans who were in office in January 2017 are gone or leaving.”

Calling the retirement numbers alone “particularly staggering,” the Post reports “41 House Republicans have left national politics or announced they won’t seek reelection” since Trump took office – and that does not include election losses.

16 of those 41 resignations and retirements are from this year alone. Two more resignations are to run for the Senate.

“That dwarfs the 25 Democrats who retired in the first four years of former president Barack Obama’s tenure — and Republicans privately predict this is only the beginning.”

Publicly many of these Republicans “cite family as the reason for leaving,” but privately they point to the direction Trump has taken the GOP, and their “pessimism” about retaking the House majority next year.

Read the entire report here.

Image by USCapitol via Flickr 

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Internet Scorches ‘Delusional’ ‘Mob Boss’ Trump After He Again Gets Caught ‘Confessin’ to Impeachable Crimes’



True to form President Donald Trump effectively doubled down on his earlier admission he talked to the president of Ukraine about former Vice President Joe Biden and “corruption.” And this time he added a new element: admitting he used hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid as leverage.

Speaking to reporters as he headed into the United Nations Monday the president of the United States had no trouble trashing his top political opponent while copping to seeking dirt on Biden and his son, Hunter.

“We’re supporting a country,” Trump said of Ukraine, from which he had withheld $250 million in military aid to fight Russia.

“We want to make sure that country is honest,” Trump claimed. “it’s very important to talk about corruption. if you don’t talk about corruption, why would you give money to a country that you think is corrupt?”

NCRM could find no reports of Trump discussing withholding aid from foreign nations over issues of corruption. But he has said he would accept aid or support from foreign governments for his campaign.

Responses to Trump’s remarks at the UN have been filled with outrage. A sampling:




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