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Former Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer Says Oprah Shouldn’t Run Because She Lacks ‘Political Infrastructure’



‘People Who Have Tried to Pop in Who Are Not in Politics and Have Had a Difficult Time Adjusting’

Sean Spicer is on a world wind tour in a desperate attempt to restore his credibility and relevancy after his ruinous six-month stint as President Donald Trump’s press secretary. Spicer last week was granted an interview on CNN’s small sister channel HLN, but not on CNN itself. It did not go well, even with S.E. Cupp all but holding his hand and explaining to him point blank that if he wants to repair his image he will have to actually admit he lied to the American people.

He refused.

It was a disaster. 

Spicer on Monday was forced to give an interview across the pond, talking with former CNN host Piers Morgan of “Good Morning Britain.”

When the subject of Sunday night’s Golden Globes came up, the conversation naturally turned to Oprah’s powerful speech and the rumors she might run for president in 2020. 

Spicer being Spicer had his own unique take on the topic, just as head-shakingly insane as when he insisted that President Trump’s inauguration was attended by more people than President Obama’s, and the media purposely framed shots to make it look like there were less. (The media did not, and there actually were less people in attendance.)

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Oprah, Spicer suggested, should not run for president because – get this – she “doesn’t have the political infrastructure.”

Clearly the former Trump press secretary forgot who he worked for last. Donald Trump has had exactly zero political infrastructure and exactly zero political experience. He may have been elected president, but his presidency is a disaster of global proportions.

Unsurprisingly, Spicer continued, saying, “we’ve seen this before in our history — where people who have tried to pop in who are not in politics and have had a difficult time adjusting.”

Morgan went ballistic.

“Sean! Sean! Sean!” he screamed uncontrollably, his arms waving in the air.

“Let me finish,” Spicer, embarrassingly laughing, insisted.

“The current president of the United States had no political experience! Sean! You were his press secretary! Have you forgotten Donald Trump? Sean – your guy had no experience! He was a TV star!”

Clearly caught, Spicer tried to defend his defenseless position.

“That withstanding,” he pressed, using the phrase wrong, Spicer added, “President Donald Trump proves that there is an appetite for outsiders, and that you don’t necessarily have to have” experience.

“The question is, was that an anomaly, or is that the new norm?” he posited.

As for Piers Morgan, hours later he published an op-ed, “Run, Oprah, run – Trump proved America will elect a politically inexperienced billionaire TV superstar as President.. and you’re massively more popular.”

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‘Do You Believe in God?’ GOP Senator Applies Religious Test to Biden Nominee



U.S. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) on Wednesday decided to impose a possibly unconstitutional religious test for a Biden Dept. of Justice nominee, asking attorney Hampton Dellinger, “Do you believe in God?”

It was a stunning moment, one that the 69-year old Senator from Louisiana, who earned his law degree at the University of Virginia and studied law at Oxford did not even appear to understand, despite the U.S. Constitution explicitly stating: “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

Hampton Dellinger, as The National law Journal reported, was appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, before Republicans who bristled at his nomination to head the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Policy.

Sen. Kennedy took particular offense at one of Dellinger’s tweets, which correctly notes that if there were no Republican men in elected office, there would be no bans on abortion.

Kennedy made a big show of the tweet, nearly bullying Dellinger with it, demanding to know if he wrote it, then declaring, paper in hand, “Here it is, bigger than Dallas.”

That’s when Kennedy invoked God.

“Do you believe in God?” the Republican Senator asked through his slow Southern drawl, one refined for the cable news channel audiences. “Do you think that my votes with respect to abortion are based on the fact that I want to control women?”

“Senator, I cannot speak to that,” Dellinger respectfully replied.

“Why did you say it in front of God and country”” Kennedy berated. “Did it ever occur to you that some people may base their position on abortion on their faith?”

Somewhat taken aback, Dellinger replied, “I sincerely appreciate that people have a different position on abortion than I do.”

“I do believe that the reproductive rights established in Roe vs. Wade, and then then dealt with in Casey, June Medical, and other Supreme Court decisions are important,” he added.

He also tried to defend himself, saying: “I recognize the difference between someone saying something inartfully as a private citizen and working as a lawyer, and I think I’ve got a 30-year track record of being open-minded.”

Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern, who highlighted the exchange on social media, observed: “Can you imagine the reaction on the right if a Democratic senator posed that question to literally any Republican nominee?”

He also reminded that Senator Josh Hawley had “claimed that merely asking Amy Coney Barrett about Griswold v. Connecticut, the landmark decision establishing a constitution right to contraception, constituted ‘religious bigotry’ against Catholics.”

Stern concluded:



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‘You Sound Like an Idiot’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Blasts Anti-Vax Restaurant Owner to His Face in Tense Interview



CNN host Chris Cuomo got into a tense exchange on Wednesday with a California restaurant owner who is requiring customers to show proof that they are unvaccinated before entering.

Tony Roman, the owner of Basilico’s Pasta e Vino, told Cuomo that he was dead serious about making sure no vaccinated people ate at his restaurant because he thought getting vaccinated is a sign of low intelligence.

“It’s an IQ test,” he said. “Like I say to people when they ask me, if they’re so blinded with their rage and their hate, I tell them, you know what, if you don’t understand it, maybe we should put up a sign that says you’re too stupid to come into the restaurant.”

This made no sense to Cuomo, who asked Roman if he was vaccinated. Roman responded by demanding Cuomo give his vaccination status first, to which Cuomo replied that he and his family were vaccinated.

“You’re failing the IQ test,” Roman replied, before then saying that barring vaccinated people from eating at his restaurant was not intended to be an anti-vaccine statement.

At the end of the interview, a frustrated Cuomo bluntly told Roman that “honestly, you sound like an idiot.”

Watch the video below.


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‘Absolutely Immature’ Kevin McCarthy Mocked and Berated for Mask ‘Mandate’ Meltdown



Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Wednesday had a meltdown on the House floor, attacking Speaker Nancy Pelosi after she called him a “moron” for his opposition to the new congressional mask requirements.

At one point during his speech on Wednesday McCarthy sneered that Democrats “wanna mandate, they wanna impose, they wanna tell you when you can go to school, when you can eat – you know what they’re going to do if you walk into this building without a mask? They’re gonna charge you $500. Why? ‘Cause they got the power to do it.”

This is how McCarthy bragged about what he was about to do:

In speaking with reporters McCarthy claimed the new CDC guidance was based on a study out of India that was not “per-reviewed,” he said,  meaning not “peer-reviewed.” (NCRM found nothing to substantiate his charges.) He also attacked Speaker Pelosi by saying, in his own unique style, “Do as your say but not as she does.”

There is tremendous outrage to be seen in the responses to McCarthy’s remarks today, but perhaps none greater that Congressman Tim Ryan, who blasted McCarthy as “immature and appalling.”

Here’s how some other are responding:


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