‘DOA’: Immigration Activists Say the Only Ones Who Benefit From Trump’s Latest DACA Offer Are White Supremacists


'Legislative Burning Cross'

White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller - the same one labeled a "white supremacist" by Nancy Pelosi and several law professors - told GOP lawmakers Thursday afternoon something that sounded too good to be true: President Donald Trump will offer a path to citizenship for 1.8 million Dreamers.

As it turns out, it's not too good, it's exceptionally bad.

The proposal, first hinted at by the president Wednesday night, lead Breitbart to turn and call Trump "Amnesty Don."

They can take it back - the proposal has many horrific strings attached.

Among them, ending what Republicans like to call "chain migration," or, what in the real world is called, "keeping families together."

The "pro-family" GOP actually hates keeping families together:

Meanwhile, immigration groups quickly came out and condemned Stephen Miller's plan, as did many activists and other progressives.

The ACLU did not mince words:

The executive director of United We Dream, the largest immigrant advocacy group, says no way:

Adam Jentleson, who served as Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Deputy Chief of Staff calls it "DOA" - dead on arrival - and says it's "laden with poison pills."

Eddie Vale, a vice president at a DC public affairs agency says the administration's proposal trades "dreamers for every item on the white supremacist wish list."

CNN's Jim Acosta offers this insight:

Former Clinton campaign communications official Matt Ortega illustrates what many are saying:


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