Private Trump Helicopter Utilizing Federally-Funded Mar-a-Lago Helipad Designated for Presidential Business


"This is an Issue of the Rule of Law'

The White House has confirmed that a private Trump helicopter utilizing a federally-funded helipad at Mar-a-Lago is not being used for a government function, despite its installation on the condition of presidential business use only.

The Palm Beach Post reported Saturday that the private helicopter bearing the Trump logo had sat on the helipad for over a week. They further noted that "until Donald Trump became president, aircraft were forbidden from landing in the exclusive island town."

"But the town agreed to allow a helipad to be built and helicopters to land at Mar-a-Lago with certain conditions," the outlet continued. "The helipad must be removed when the president leaves office. Until then, the helipad can only be used for official presidential business."

The White House, following the initial report, confirmed that the corporate helicopter "is not being used for an official government function and that no private entity will be reimbursed for its use."

The helicopter can be seen below:

In a letter to the newspaper, Alexander C. Ives of Palm Beach's Architectural Commission condemned the personal use of the helipad—also noting that since its installation, it's been utilized only twice.

"Given that both times the helipad has been used a private business helicopter with the corporate Trump logo landed and took off, it would seem to violate the waiver allowing 'for business related to the Presidency only,' Ives wrote.

"This is not an issue of politics and has nothing to do with whether one does or does not agree with President Trump's policies," he continued. "This is an issue of the rule of law and no one — not even the President of the United States and not even in Palm Beach — should or can be above it."

The Post further reported that the helicopter is co-owned by DT Connect II and DT Connect II Member Corp., of which Eric and Donald Trump Jr. are company executives.

Donald Trump is currently staying at Mar-a-Lago during the holidays, venturing back and forth to his private golf club. Sunday marked his sixth day in a row golfing.

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