Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Top ‘Most Admired’ Lists, but Donald Trump Isn’t Far Behind


Michelle Obama, Oprah Also Make List

Its not surprising that among Americans former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in the world and former President Barack Obama is the most admired man in the world. This is Clinton's 16th year in a row and Obama's tenth year in a row. 

What may surprise many is that President Donald Trump is now the second most admired man in the world.

Obama this year came in first with 17 percent, Trump's came in second with 14 percent. Clinton came in first with 9 percent, and Michelle Obama, for the third year in a row, came in second.

"She has held the title 22 times in total, more than anyone else. Eleanor Roosevelt is second with 13 wins," Gallup reports. "Obama has now been named the most admired man 10 times, trailing only Dwight Eisenhower, who earned the distinction 12 times."

Gallup also noted that one out of four Americans "cannot name a man or a woman they admire most. Nine percent name a relative or friend as the most admired man, and 13% do so for the most admired woman."

Oprah Winfrey, who some say is rumored to be considering a run for President, comes in as the third most admired woman this year. It is her 30th time making the top ten list.

"Trump's unpopularity is holding him back from winning the most admired distinction," Gallup observes. "The incumbent president is the usual winner, since he is arguably the most prominent figure in the country -- but when the president is unpopular, other well-known and well-liked men have been able to finish first."

The survey is conducted only among those living in the U.S., although respondents can choose any person living anywhere in the world.

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