Conservatives #BoycottKeurig by Destroying Coffee Makers After Company Pulls Ads From Sean Hannity Over Roy Moore


Company Pulled Ads After Hannity Supported Moore in Face of Child Sexual Assault Allegations

Some right wing fans of Sean Hannity and Roy Moore are so outraged Keurig pulled its ads from the Fox News TV host's show that they are literally destroying their coffee makers to "boycott" the company. Of course, the machines are already paid for, so the company won't be feeling any backlash, and, as it turns out, opponents of Moore and Hannity are now saying they will buy Keurig to support the company's move.

To be clear, conservatives are "boycotting" Keurig because the coffee maker company doesn't want to be associated with a man who supports a politician credibly accused of child sexual assault. Conservatives think standing with Sean Hannity, who stands by Roy Moore, is making them "patriotic."

This is where America is right now at this moment in time. 

Media Matters president Angelo Carusone reached out to Keurig, and they responded:

In response, on Twitter, #BoycottKeurig has been trending, and some are posting videos of them (presumably) destroying their Keurig coffee makers, like this:

And this:

And this:

GOP pollster Frank Luntz tried to set them straight:

One man decided to make a short film to protest:

As it turns out, Russian bots are the biggest warriors battling to support Hannity and Moore:

Apparently, the real winner here will be Keurig:

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