Roy Moore Continues to Fundraise Using GOP Senator Who Rescinded Endorsement


Republican Senator Mike Lee Also Asked Moore to Stop Using His Image but Moore Campaign Continues To

Roy Moore may have lost the endorsement of conservative Republican U.S. Senator Mike Lee but he's still using Lee's image in a fundraising campaign even after Lee specifically asked him to stop.

On Thursday the Washington Post published its bombshell article in which a woman charges when she was 14 years old then 32-year old Moore sexually assaulted her. Friday morning Senator Lee requested the Moore campaign stop using his image in their fundraising campaigns.

"Lee's office told The Hill on Friday that the Moore campaign never asked to use the senator's image and that their office had requested that Moore take it down," The Hill reported Friday morning.

The Hill's Ben Kamisar hours after The Washington Post's report was published noted the Moore campaign had continued to use the image of Lee, even after Senator Lee had issued his statement saying Moore should drop out if the allegations were true. 

“If these allegations are true, Judge Moore should resign,” Lee had said Thursday.

On Friday, Senator Lee and Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) both pulled their endorsements of Moore.

And yet, as of Saturday, the Roy Moore campaign was still using Mike Lee's image in his fundraising campaign, according to far right wing pundit Hugh Hewitt, who posted this to Twitter Saturday morning:

The Week confirmed Moore's campaign continues to fundraise using Sen. Lee's image:

"On Saturday morning, the Moore campaign sent out a fundraising email with Lee's picture very much included."

Daily Beast reporter Betsy Woodruff posted these images:

The Moore campaign also has not removed Senator Lee's name from his list of endorsers:


As recently as Saturday morning Moore insisted he had done nothing wrong and refused to withdraw.


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