Anti-Gay Climate Change Denying Republican One Step Closer to Running NASA After Senate Committee Vote


Bridenstine Has Said 'The Intolerant Left Bullies and Browbeats' and Attacked Liberals by Proclaiming 'Some of Us in America Still Believe in the Concept of Sexual Morality'

U.S. Congressman Jim Bridenstine is one step closer to running NASA. President Donald Trump nominated the Oklahoma Republican, whose sole qualifications to head the $19.5 billion federal agency that employs 18,000 people are that he was a Navy pilot and has sat on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. Bridenstein has little budgetary or management experience. Not only is he is not a scientist, he repeatedly has made clear his personal views go against scientific facts.

On a strictly party-line vote of 14-13 Senate Republicans on the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee Wednesday morning advanced Bridenstine's nomination to the full Senate for a vote. 

Rep. Bridenstine is an anti-gay extremist, and denies scientific consensus that climate change is real and cause by human actions. 

He called the Obama administration's guidance to public schools on how to protect the civil rights of transgender students “lawless federal bullying.” Bridenstine opposed the Supreme Court's 2015 Obergefell ruling that found same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. He even took to the House floor to attack the decision by the Boy Scouts of America to allow gay Scouts.

"Some of us in America still believe in the concept of sexual morality, that sex is intended for one man and one woman within the institution of marriage," Bridenstine, in a chilling speech (view below) told his House colleagues in 2013.

"Organizations that hold this philosophy and promote it among our youth should be commended, or at least you would think, tolerated. Unfortunately, the intolerant Left bullies and browbeats private organizations like the Boy Scouts into accepting their philosophy."

Bridenstine argued that LGBT activists "didn't start their own organization," but rather, "went after the Boy Scouts of America."

"The Left's agenda is not about tolerance," Bridenstine falsely claimed, "and it's not about diversity of thought. It's about presenting a worldview of relativism, where there is no right and wrong. Then using the full force of the government to silence opposition and reshape organizations like the Boy Scouts into instruments for social change."

He concluded with a reference to Jesus.

When a federal judge ruled Oklahoma's ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, Bridenstine made clear his thoughts.

"Marriage is not a 'governmental benefit.' Marriage is the foundational institution in our culture which recognizes the very unique and complimentary contributions men and women make in the raising of children."

After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marriage, Bridenstine bristled. At a Christian anti-gay, anti-abortion rally Bridenstine told supporters, “five unelected lawyers changed the definition of marriage in this country.”

Bridenstine is not only anti-gay, he opposes same-sex marriage, opposes ObamaCare, opposes a woman's right to choose, denies climate change is real and even opposes supporting alternative energy. He "pals around" with far right wing extremists like Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, wants fetuses to have the same civil rights as people who have been born, wants a federal law banning same-sex marriage and thinks states should have the right to ban it. Bridenstine also wants special protections for people of faith who oppose same-sex marriage, wants no federal standards for education, supports abstinence-only "education," opposes restrictions on gun purchases, supports privatizing social security, and wants to get rid of the IRS.

During his Senate confirmation hearing he was asked why he has given several speeches to at least two anti-Islamic hate groups. He denied knowing their positions on Muslims.

Democratic Senator Bill Nelson of Florida made his opposition to Bridenstine's nomination clear, telling the Oklahoma Republican Congressman, "Your recent public service career does not instill great confidence about your leadership skills or ability to bring people together," Mashable reported.

"You have advocated for discriminatory policies toward the LGBT community, which runs contrary to the civil rights of these Americans and poisons our national discourse," Nelson, who flew to space with NASA aboard the space shuttle, added. 

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