John McCain and Lisa Murkowski Will Vote for Dangerous GOP Tax Bill, All but Ensuring Its Passage


Yes, We're All in Trouble

You will have less money.

That's the bottom line.

Unless you're very wealthy.

Two of a small handful of Republican U.S. Senators who have stood in the way of President Trump's disastrous agenda have announced this time they will not be protecting the American people. Republicans John McCain and Lisa Murkowski have both just announced they will vote for the GOP tax bill that will increase taxes on most Americans, while delivering tax cuts to the wealthy.

Senator McCain's stature had previously helped other less senior Republicans vote against several versions of ObamaCare repeal. He cited the total lack of hearings and debate – what is often called "regular order" – as one reason for voting against those efforts. 

But the Republican tax bill has had neither debate nor hearings. It also has not received any financial scorings, a stunning move for legislation that literally will re-weave the entire U.S. economy.

Public opinion is against the bill: just 25% support it.

One person who definitely supports it, however, is Donald Trump. Here's why:

In case there's any question, yes, the Republicans are lying in order to pass massive tax cuts for the wealthy, paid for by those who can least afford it:

The Senate expects to pass the legislation by the end of the week, the House shortly thereafter.

You can still demand your Senators and Congress member vote against this bill. Call them now: (202) 224-3121.

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