Watch Live as President Donald Trump Signs an Executive Order That Will Destroy ObamaCare Exchanges


Trump Will Allow Cheaper Plans That Do Not Meet Minimum Standards

At 11:15 AM EDT President Donald Trump will sign an executive order that will effectively kill – or tremendously damage – the ObamaCare health insurance exchanges. Trump, according to reports in The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, will allow insurance companies to go around the law – the Affordable Care Act – to create health insurance plans that do not include the minimum standards of coverage mandated under ObamaCare.

The less expensive plans in the long run for many Americans will end up costing them, and the health care industry, more. Many, especially younger people, assume they don't need coverage for diseases that they think only afflict older people, like diabetes. They think they will never be in a car accident, so why should they pay for emergency room care or rehabilitation.

And when they learn that their new, cheaper plan doesn't cover them when they find themselves facing a disease or accident they did not anticipate, many will end up bankrupt.

These new plans can also charge more for people with pre-existing conditions, effectively relegating people with preexisting conditions to the ObamaCare exchanges.

What the cheaper plans will do is pull people out of the ObamaCare exchanges. With less people participating in those plans, and with a larger percentage of them people whop have pre-existing conditions, the plans will become tremendously more expensive.

Watch live as President Trump does an end-run around Congress to deliver that only lawmakers should be able to do.

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