Rep. Devin Nunes Announces Spurious Investigation Into Already-Debunked Anti-Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Theory


Clear Attempt to Divert From Russia Election Interference by Disgraced Trump Protector Who Had Promised to Recuse Himself From All Things Russia

Republican House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes just past noon Tuesday announced he is opening an investigation into Hillary Clinton's role in the U.S. sale of uranium to Russia. Nunes disgraced himself months ago by falsely claiming to have uncovered inappropriate or even possibly illegal "unmasking" on U.S. citizens by Obama-era officials. That claim was proven false, and made worse by the revelation he had partnered with the Trump White House before making the accusation, a clear attempt to divert from the Russia investigation.

Nunes is back with a similar trick, after far right wing websites have recently been dredging up the long-debunked story of Hillary Clinton supposedly having approved the sale of 20 percent of America's uranium reserves to Russia. Clinton had little if anything to do with the sale, other than being one of nine cabinet members whose cabinets had to weigh in on the sale to advise President Barack Obama. (In fact, it's a very complicated story, but the two links above, from Snopes and PolitiFact, shed a good deal of light on it.)

Chairman Nunes appeared at a hastily-announced press conference, with GOP Rep. Peter King at his side. Rep. Trey Gowdy was supposed to join him but did not show up.

This is absolutely an attempt by Trump loyalists to divert attention from special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, and clearly a sign Mueller is making headway the Trump camp does not like.

Rep. Gowdy is also opening an investigation into events surrounding the FBI and Hillary Clinton.

It's important to note the stated reason for the investigations can be one thing, the actual goals can be different.

Also, Trump called for this investigation just last week:

Here's how some journalists and other political experts are responding to the news:


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