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LISTEN: Trump Judicial Nominee Proudly Admits He Discriminates Against Gay People, Because Jesus



‘We Discriminate, Alright? On the Basis of Sexual Orientation, We Discriminate’ Against LGBT People Says Jeff Mateer

Jeff Mateer is President Donald Trump’s nominee to become a United States District judge for the Eastern District of Texas. His Senate confirmation hearing is expected to be held shortly. If confirmed, LGBT people will find it harder to receive justice in Texas.

In a 2015 speech Mateer proudly admitted he discriminates against gay people, because they’re gay.

“Guess what?” Mateer told attendees at the National Religious Liberties Conference, as Vice News reports. “I attend a conservative Baptist church. We discriminate, alright? On the basis of sexual orientation, we discriminate,” he fully acknowledged (audio above, near the end of the 5-minute clip.)

“Does that mean I can’t be a judge? In some states, I think that’s true, unfortunately,” Mateer, who at the time served as general counsel for First Liberty Institute, a far right wing Christian legal organization with ties to Trump. Little did he know just two years later that statement would be tested.

That year, Mateer also made other outrageous remarks.

The concept of “separation of church and state” is “nowhere” in the Constitution,” Mateer claimed, because the phrase itself is not.

He said the federal government’s diversity training is “nothing less than brainwashing with the Left’s agenda on LGBT.” He told attendees they should try to get out of diversity training by saying it “violates” their religious beliefs. 

Mateer lamented that there are no Evangelical Christians on the U.S. Supreme Court, and said, “We need a Republican president who does a good job of appointing people who believe the way we do.”

So much for the rule of law.

Mateer thinks “no honest attorney” would support the Supreme Court’s Obergefell ruling that found same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marriage. 

And of course, in Obergefell,” Mateer said, “the Supreme Court found, in a 5-4 decision, with Justice Kennedy adding the fifth vote on this one, found that somewhere lurking in the 14th Amendment, unknown to any lawyer for decades since its adoption right after the Civil War, somewhere in there, is a right, a fundamental right for two people of the same sex to marry. … There’s no honest attorney, no honest constitutional scholar, that would say that this decision [Obergefell] stands on its rationale.”

And finally, Mateer thinks LGBT people are “challenges” for Christians.

It’s people like you, people who are in their churches, who are now being told, ‘We have to do this,’ or ‘do I have to do this? Do I have to marry same-sex couples? Do I have to allow a same-sex couple to use my facility? Do I have to admit, at our Christian school, do I have to admit a same-sex couple’s child?’ Challenges after challenges, all in light of [the] Obergefell [decision].”

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Some members, including Gaetz, want McCarthy to strip the two Republicans of all their committee assignments but CNN notes Speaker Pelosi could merely re-appoint them. Regardless, the extremists on the right “believe Cheney and Kinzinger need to be reprimanded for not remaining loyal to the conference.”

The Daily Mail’s Emily Goodin reports McCarthy is indulging his more Trumpian tendencies, calling Cheney and Kinzinger names.

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