We Know Ted Cruz Did Not ‘Like’ That X-Rated Porn Video on Twitter Because His Communications Director Says She’s Reported It


Twitter Goes Wild

"Family values" Tea Party conservative Republican Senator Ted Cruz absolutely did not "like" an x-rated porn video on Twitter - even though his verified Twitter account clearly "liked" a two-minute long sex video Monday night. It remained "liked" on Twitter for nearly an hour. Cruz's name trended on the social media platform and Twitter went wild.

Cruz's socially conservative supporters should rest assured, however.

The Texas Senator's communications director took to Twitter to announce that they have "reported" the video to Twitter, as The Verge noted.

Which is not how this works.

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Cruz has three choices here:

1. Claim his account was hacked.

2. Blame a third party, perhaps an intern, or a disgruntled former staffer.

3. Take responsibility and admit he was looking at porn on Twitter.

Actor Zach Braff offered up a fourth option:

On Twitter, some noted that the actress in the video resembled Cruz's wife. 

Some on Twitter noted the "like" occured on 9/11:

Others just had a good time mocking the uptight Tea Partier:


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