US Senator Sarcastically Mocks White House: ‘Freaking Fantastic’ They Don’t Know How Insurance Works


Top White House Advisor on Economic Policy Needs a Few Lessons

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) is the latest to be astonished that the White House actually has no idea how insurance works. 

Tuesday afternoon CNBC's John Harwood posted a tweet about Stephen Moore, a Trump economic advisor and one frequently cited by the Trump White House. 

As many, many people pointed out, this is exactly how insurance works - and why it works: spreading risk among a group of people so no one takes the full "hit."

As Raw Story put it, "Moore was explaining why it's unfair to have an insurance system where healthy people subsidize sick people."

Which, again, is exactly how insurance works.

Senator Murphy had a bit of fun with Moore's - and the White House's - lack of understanding of how insurance works:

Earlier Tuesday Sen. Murphy issued this warning, urging Americans to take action to prevent the Republicans from passing their latest "repeal and replace ObamaCare" bill:

Here's what others had to say about Stephen Moore's ignorance: 

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