Trump’s Social Media Director Attacks ‘Trump Hater’ San Juan Mayor


'Perfect Example of Opportunistic Politician'

Dan Scavino Jr., an assistant to the president and the White House's Social Media Director, followed Donald Trump's lead on Saturday and attacked San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, the face of recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

Early Saturday, from the comfort of his golf course - again - the president attacked the mayor of San Juan as a poor leader and the people of Puerto Rico as lazy. The mayor responded with class, focusing on saving the lives of Puerto Ricans rather than the president's most recent Twitter tantrum.

Now, in an apparent presidential echo, Dan Scavnio Jr. has chimed in. "[Donald Trump] hater, the Mayor of San Juan," he wrote, "is the perfect example of an opportunistic politician. Go ask PR Gov about responsiveness."

Accompanying his words were screenshots of a response Carmen Yulín Cruz tweeted to former Secretary of State, 2016 presidential nominee and winner of the populate vote Hillary Clinton just before last year's election:

"I have had my differences with her and I submit them," a loose translation reads, "but I can't deny that it is ready and that Trump does not deserve to be Pres."

Of note, it is possible to have believed Donald Trump did not deserve to be President of the United States and be critical of the federal government's abysmal response to the destruction of Puerto Rico.

To reiterate:

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