Roy Moore’s Bus Has a Major Typo on It. Roy Moore’s Democratic Opponent Just Took Advantage of It and It’s Awesome.



It's hard to see but once you do you'll be laughing out loud.

Roy Moore, the virulently anti-gay GOP candidate running to become the next Senator from the state of Alabama, apparently is traveling the state by bus. As this photo, tweeted (and then deleted) by the Deputy Chief of Staff to GOP Rep. Mark Meadows shows, there's a major typo on the side of Moore's bus:


Can you see it? has an extra "r" in it. It should be

Enter Democratic candidate Doug Jones, who is statistically tied with Moore and Moore's Republican opponent, Luther Strange. The two Republicans are in a runoff election next week to determine who will go against Jones in the special election later this year. (President Trump is campaigning for Strange, while Sarah Palin and Sebastian Gorka are campaigning for Moore.) 

Someone, presumably on Jones' campaign, or perhaps just a supporter, noticed the typo and took advantage of it.

If you head over to you get Roy Moore's campaign website. If you head over to - the misspelled version with the extra "r" - it forwards to Doug Jones' campaign website. was registered today.


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