‘Helped Further Agenda of a Sociopath’: Internet Explodes in Anger Over Sean Spicer’s Appearance at The Emmys


'Sean Spicer Gets a Recovery Tour After Lying to the Public for Months but the First Woman Nominee Is Supposed to Go Into Hiding' Asked One Social Media User

The stars at Sunday night's 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were shocked and stunned when former White House press secretary Sean Spicer appeared on stage pushing a wheeled podium. 

Emmys host Stephen Colbert set up Spicer's appearance by wondering how big the audience inside the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles was, asking, "Sean, do you know?"

The response was disbelief, captured best by Anna Chlumsky's reaction:

But for those watching the awards show from home, a much different reaction. Not shock, but anger. 

Viewers were outraged that the man who lied to the American people for President Donald Trump - literally from day one - was being given the opportunity to polish and refresh his image, while having never paid for his offenses.

While press secretary, Sean Spicer told lie after lie after lie to protect President Trump. He twisted the truth and repackaged facts into fantasy, all, as one person on Twitter just put it, to help "further the agenda of a sociopath."

Many were angry that Spicer - who has nothing of substance to offer - is being welcomed to return to the small screen, while Hillary Clinton - who has everything to offer - is "supposed to" disappear, according to conservatives.

Here's what others had to say:

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