Twitter is Identifying White Supremacist Neo-Nazi Marchers (And You Can Help)


One Rally Attendee Has Been Fired 

Twitter user “Yes, You’re Racist” is soliciting help from the Internet to identify and shame white supremacist neo-Nazis who marched in Virginia this weekend. 

Prior to Saturday’s harrowing white supremacist rally that left one dead, hundreds of white supremacists marched through the University of Virginia chanting “White Lives Matter,” “You will not replace us!”, “Jew will not replace us!” and the Nazi slogan “blood and soil,” tiki torches in hand.   

As NCRM reported, the white supremacists were met by counter-protestors and violence erupted by the end. Now, Twitter user “Yes, You’re Racist” is putting names to the faces plastered across the Internet from the march, and asking for help.

“If you recognize any of the Nazis marching in #Charlottesville, send me their names/profiles and I’ll make them famous,” the user, who began identifying racists in 2012 on the popular social media platform, wrote – including the hashtag “GoodNightAltRight.”

It didn’t take long for rally attendees to be identified:

As the “Yes, You’re Racist” pointed out, Cvjetanovic (or “angry torch guy”) met with Senator Dean Heller:

Annnnd here's a photo of Peter Cvjetanovic (angry torch guy) with U.S. Sen. @DeanHeller (via @BattleBornProg) #GoodNightAltRight

— Yes, You're Racist (@YesYoureRacist) August 13, 2017

Cole White, the first party identified by the social media hero, has also reportedly lost his job due to his rally attendance:

You can contribute to locating and naming those who attended the racist events by responding to “Yes, You’re Racist” on Twitter—or by becoming a patron of their activism here.

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