‘One Less White Supremacist in the White House’: Internet Explodes on News Steve Bannon Is Out


'I Do Not See Steve Bannon'

The Internet is exploding now that President Trump's Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, is "out" of the White House. Reports vary as to whether or not Bannon was fired, with Bannon claiming he resigned two weeks ago (as Reince Priebus claimed) and the White House officially calling it a mutual agreement. Meanwhile, The New York Times and others reported Trump had decided to push Bannon out (aka, fire).

It's important to note that President Trump did not fire Steve Bannon over his views, which include supporting white nationalism and white supremacism - despite calling them "clowns" in an interview this week.

Trump did not fire him for his views or his beliefs, but because he needed to take more control and try to save his presidency.

Nothing will change because the problem wasn't Bannon - the problem is Trump.

Nancy Pelosi weighed in:

Traders on the Stock market floor cheered:

Here's how Twitter is reacting:



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