Watch: Kellyanne Conway Says ‘So Much of the Criticism of Me Is So Gender-Based’


'I Guess I'm Surprised Just How Easy It Is to Bait People'

Kellyanne Conway says a great deal of the criticism against her is not because her credibility is in shambles, but is "gender-based." The Counselor to the President made her remarks on Saturday while speaking at an Iowa-based conservative, anti-gay organization's summit, minutes after its founder complimented her as being someone who doesn't use "the gender card," and would not there.

“If you want to disagree on policy — if you disagree on tax reform or health care reform or immigration or you’re for abortion and I’m not — then say that,” Conway told Bob Vander Plaats, head of The Family Leader.

“Disagree that way, that’s what America is. But so much of the criticism of me is so gender-based.” Conway added, saying a good deal of the criticism against her is based on “how I look or what I wear or how I speak.”

“It’s really remarkable,” she continued, “and it totally undercuts modern feminism.”

"I understand that we’re nation of charged opinions and partisan rancor, but I do find most of the vitriol comes from people who don’t know me and who are very 'brave' on social media — which means they’re not brave at all," she said.

What Conway neglected to say in her nearly 40 minutes on stage is that she is responsible for a rash of false statements coming from the White House. She will forever be remembered as the person who coined the term, "alternative facts." At least one TV news show has stated very publicly they refuse to host her, calling her a "liar."

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski described Conway in May as: "Not credible, proved as a liar, made a fool."

“There’s nothing that she brings to the table that’s honest," Brzezinski said, in an on-air message to rival network CNN. "Your hosts know it. Your hosts look pained when they interview her, because they know they’re just doing politics porn. They’re not doing news. We need to stick to the news."

Ironically, Conway at one point during her Saturday interview with her very anti-gay host, remarked, "I guess I'm surprised just how easy it is to bait people," something former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said repeatedly of Donald Trump.

And while Conway is, sadly, partially correct – some do criticize her because she's a woman – the vast, vast majority of criticism against her is based on her utter lack of credibility.

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Hat tip: The Hill