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Indiana GOP Asks People to Post ‘Obamacare Horror Stories.’ It Didn’t Go as They Expected.



‘It saved 2 of my friends lives’

If there were ever a tribute to Americans’ embrace of ObamaCare, it would be the responses to a Facebook post by the Republican Party in the red state of Indiana. One day before Independence Day, the Indiana GOP asked its Facebook followers, “Did you lose a doctor that you liked? Have your premiums increased? Did your insurer leave the exchange? Are burdensome regulations hurting your small business?”

“We were promised Obamacare would make healthcare cheaper, better, and more available, but in reality it’s turned out to be the opposite,” the post continues. “What’s your Obamacare horror story? Let us know.”

Two days later, the post has been shared nearly 6000 times. There are more than 8200 comments. NCRM spent several hours reading a great many of them. Very, very few comments were in opposition to the Affordable Care Act. The vast, vast majority, almost all, were not only wildly supportive of ObamaCare, but many comments said the ACA saved their life, or the lives of their friends or family members. A few lamented that ObamaCare did not go far enough, saying they wanted a single-payer system.

But most were overwhelmingly thrilled with ObamaCare.

“My fiancee contracted undetected viral pneumonia that led to a collapsed lung and emergency surgery,” one Facebook poster wrote. “She was in recovery for over a week before discharge. Without Obamacare, she would have died. Instead, we are getting married later this month. Thanks, Obama!”

“My wife had a stroke in childbirth,” one man wrote. “On the day our daughter was born I was told my wife would die. She didn’t, but as her medical bills approached her $2 million lifetime cap and it looked like I’d end up selling my house to cover medical bills, ObamaCare kicked in. She’s alive today, we still own our home, and we thank President Barack Obama and the Democrats and Republicans who voted for that bill for my wife’s life. Oh right… Republicans didn’t vote for the bill. What was your question again?” 

A few more:

I was able to quit a dead end job that I hated to start my own business because I was now safe to leave my employer’s health plan. Now I am a ‘job creator’. Thanks Obamacare!”

It saved 2 of my friends lives…”

I got to keep my doctor, and I got better coverage for about half the cost.”

I would have died from undiagnosed diabetes type 2 without ACA. I am forever grateful to President Obama for this.”

Not all the posts were straightforward. Some decided to take the opportunity to share their stories while mocking the GOP.

“Oh my gosh … my story is so awful,” wrote a woman Tuesday morning. “Obamacare … where do I start?? We lost our employer provided health insurance when my husband was laid off after 20 years in a steel mill. He couldn’t find work with benefits for a long time. We were uninsured and scared. You see I have systolic heart failure at 42 years old and we have 4 children. My job doesn’t have insurance benefits. He tried for a year to find something before going back to school to get his degree so he could find a job that offers health insurance. Obamacare … that devil … offered us healthcare we can afford until he graduates and is able to get back to work next May. We literally only needed it for about a year and it has saved us. Oh the horror. I can now afford my 4 heart medications for that year. My kids can all get care for the year. And my husband can sleep at night again. I know this has been so hard to read. Thank you for taking the time to read my horror story.”

Some took a downright political approach.

The only reason Republicans hate ACA, is because the black guy passed it. That’s the horror story to you.”

The GOP is trying to kill off the elderly, sick, and weak.. and they’re the ones always yammering on about God. Right. All so ultra rich can have a tax break that will have no impact on their lives.”

Several medical professionals also weighed in.

“As a Family Medicine physician I have seen teen pregnancy rates plummet due to easily obtainable long term contraception options. Lower pregnancy rates means lower abortion rates and less kids having kids. The kind of thing you may want to support,” wrote one doctor.

I’m a physician who’s seen patients return for care now that they again can with the ACA,” wrote another. “I’ve seen a fairly early colon cancer and breast cancer found, diabetes now under control, a much needed surgery postponed for years now possible. People have to change doctors quite often when employers who provide health insurance switch plans over the years. ACA has not increased that. And several of my patients have been able to quit jobs that weren’t a fit and start a business, or move to help a son and daughter-in-law as they started a church, but the available job has no insurance but with ACA – yes she could. I could write for hours. Let’s tune it up not diminish it:). Let’s all pitch in, work together and help health coverage improve. Healthy people can work, they can be a positive part of communities, they can pursue life and happiness as those of us who have access to adequate insurance already. I’m a Republican and I know we care:)”

As did small business owners.

As a small business owner, I chose to insure my full time employees for years through Anthem. Thanks to ACA, the premiums for my staff went DOWN, not up the usual 33% each year, making coverage more affordable for this employer! #thanksobama

I’m a small business owner in Seattle,” said a woman. “Before Obama care, I was under 40 and paying $425 in monthly premiums. Since Obama care, I am now 43 and I pay $325 per month for premiums. A doctor that I visit multiple times per month used to cost me $60 per visit after my health insurance kicked in, after I paid the $1000 deductible. I now pay $15 per visit and I have yet to pay a cent toward my $1500 deductible. Just got news my carrier of the past 3 years is leaving the market due to uncertainty with the upcoming changes proposed by the Senate.

Yeah, that did not go as planned.

On Tuesday NCRM also posted a comment, telling the Indiana GOP we had taken dozens of screenshots and warned them to not delete any posts. 

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Fox News Host’s Inaccurate Reporting Leads to False Right-Wing Speculation Breyer Was Forced Out



Barely minutes before 12:00 noon on Wednesday NBC News’ Pete Williams broke the news that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was going to announce he is retiring, at the end of the term.

Hours later Fox News host Shannon Bream breathlessly tweeted, “Multiple sources tell me Justice Breyer was not planning to announce his retirement today. They describe him as ‘upset’ with how this has played out. We still await any official notice from his office and/or the #SCOTUS public information office.”

That was 2:41 PM.

Her tweet was inaccurate – based on her own reporting, about a half-hour later.

At 3:14 PM Bream “clarified” her reporting, making clear that Justice Breyer “firmly decided” to retire on his own, and was merely “surprised” that a top-notch veteran Supreme Court reporter broke the news:

Her first tweet has received thousands of retweets and likes and led to false speculation among many right-wingers (adding to the already false claims from the far right) that President Joe Biden forced Justice Breyer out the door – something impossible (unless you do over a billion dollars in business with a bank where the son of a Supreme Court Justice works.)

Too late, the damage is done. Ordinarily many reporters will delete tweets that are inaccurate or wrong, then post the reason why, and a correction. Bream did not.

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Over at the right-wing National Review, senior writer Charles C. W. Cooke posted an article titled: “Did the Democratic Party Preempt Justice Breyer’s Announcement to Force His Hand?”

Its only content: Bream’s inaccurate tweet and the words, “It certainly seems possible.”

Here are more results of Bream’s inaccurate reporting:

Chief political correspondent, Washington Examiner and Fox News contributor Byron York:

Another Washington Times columnist and a SiriusXMPatriot personality:

Former senior advisor to the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC):

Blogger at right wing website Hot Air:

Radio talk show host:



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Silenced by Psaki: Reporter Pushing Right Wing Talking Points Can’t Answer Press Secretary’s Basic Questions About Them



A reporter was silent after pushing right-wing talking points during the White House’s daily press briefing and being asked to explain her question. The Q&A was so disturbing one well-known political scientist weighed in on social media to declare the White House press corps an “embarrassment.”

“Just a quick question on inflation,” the unnamed reporter began as she asked her question on the administration’s plan to strengthen the social safety net and grow jobs. “Many believe that government spending is a big factor in the current inflation levels. Can you speak to concerns that spending plans that come out of Build Back Better aren’t paid for, and so could mean higher deficits and more inflation in the future.”

Psaki, a little stunned, confirmed she heard correctly: “Aren’t paid for? Build Back Better is paid for.”

The reporter was silent. As time moved on, so did Psaki.

“Entirely,” she added, definitively.

“Okay,” replied the reporter, apparently out of facts and with little understanding of what she was asking. “Can you speak to the concerns that are coming in that it’s not, actually?”

“Who are the concerns from though?” Psaki asked.

Silence again.

“Who’s saying it’s not paid for?” Psaki pressed.

More silence.

“Because there have been a range of economists saying it’s entirely paid for, and that has been a priority for the President. It has also been concluded by a number of Nobel laureates and experts from a range of economic experts on the outside that it will not contribute to inflation. So those are the global experts that we would point to, but there may be others suggesting something else, but I don’t know who those people are,” she said, allowing the reporter to offer a different response, to possibly retain her dignity.

“So if those bills do pass it will not raise taxes?” the reporter asked, which is an entirely different question.

“Well, something being entirely paid for means that part of that is the highest income Americans highest that companies would be asked to pay a little bit more. That has been part of the proposal and part of reforming the tax system to make it more fair,” Psaki explained.

“So they’re also not expected to contribute to future inflation, then?”

“The Build Back Better Bill? Again, it’s fully paid for, we would point to Nobel laureates and a range of global economists who have conveyed that it would not contribute to inflationary pressures.”


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Influential Far Right Conservatives Ballistic Over Breyer Retirement: ‘They Must Be Stopped’



As soon as the news broke that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will retire at the end of the current session, right-wing activists began declaring that Breyer had been “bullied” into stepping down and therefore Republicans must do everything they can to block whomever President Joe Biden nominates to fill that seat.

Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network and Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch both asserted that Breyer had been forced out of his seat on the court.

Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America declared that Biden must use the vacancy to unify the nation by appointing to the court a “constitutionalist” (which is conservative code for “right-wing ideologue”).

Proclaiming that the Senate is the “our last line of defense against radical leftist SCOTUS justices,” Ohio Republican Senate candidate Josh Mandel used the opportunity to promote his own campaign.

Rep. Lauren Boebert proclaimed that Biden should take a hint from Breyer and “follow him out the door.”

Right-wing activist Brigitte Gabriel openly asserted that it doesn’t even matter whom Biden nominates, “they must be stopped.”

Right-wing commentator Matt Walsh demanded that the position remain vacant until following the midterm elections in November, insisting that “it would be an assault on our democracy” to confirm any nominee before then.

Taking things a step further, radical Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers called on the U.S. Senate to “filibuster, stall, delay and hold Biden’s Supreme Court pick until 2024.”

This article was originally published by Right Wing Watch and is republished here by permission.

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