‘Alien Donald Trump’ Invades Billboard in Mexico City


“America is Afraid” to Display the Billboard, Creator Says

A billboard featuring Donald Trump as an alien is currently towering over one of Mexico City’s busiest roads. 

The billboard “sports a caricature of Trump with a blue and red fleshless face beneath his blond hair,” Reuters reported. “It went up above the two-tier inner city ring road known as the Periferico last week after failing to find takers in the United States.”

The billboard can be seen below:

“America is afraid to put up this tongue-in-cheek billboard,” Chicago-based artist Mitch O’Connell, its creator, told Reuters. “Then Mexico came to mind because Trump started out his campaign by being cruel and mean to everyone in Mexico.”

The billboard, which is 43 by 23 feet in size, is an homage to John Carpenter’s “They Live,” a film about aliens disguised as human beings.

O’Connell reportedly created the image two years ago, but noted that “with every month that passed since… [Trump] has become more like that crazy alien.”

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