‘Gays for Trump’ Holds Rally in D.C. After Trump Ignores Entirety of Pride Month


Founder Calls 'MAGA' A 'Way of Life'

Pride Month officially came to a close yesterday, and with it any chance that Donald Trump and his White House would bother to acknowledge the contributions and struggles of the LGBT community. 

But the president's decision to completely ignore Pride, even after marriage equality and the Pulse Massacre, didn't stop "Gays for Trump" from holding an event in Washington D.C. today. 

Peter Boykin, the "Gays for Trump" founder and president of the North Carolina-based group, today held his "Make America Great Again Free Speech Rally," a reported alternative to his originally-planned "Deploraball Pre-4th of July Picnic."

"'Make America Great Again' is more than just a political slogan," Boykin told The Washington Blade. "It is a way of life."

During the 2016 presidential campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump sought desperately to position himself as pro-gay, pandering for the LGBT vote and lying to the American people about the Obama administration's policies on LGBT rights.

Donald Trump and his administration have since actively worked to dismantle Obama's pro-LGBT policies, arguably paving the way for the over 100 anti-LGBT bills in 20 states that have been introduced.

As BuzzFeed's David Mack pointed out, the White House was very aware of Pride Month, but still chose to ignore it.

One Twitter user posted a photo of the "Gays for Trump" rally: 

And another posted a video of Boykin's address:

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