Trump Reduced to Having to Brag About His ‘Very Powerful Social Media’ Following, Quickly Gets Mocked on Twitter


Lies About His Number of Followers

Happy two year anniversary, America! Yes, two years ago today, billionaire real estate magnate Donald Trump rode down the escalator in his Manhattan Trump Tower building, and surrounded by paid actors told America Mexico was sending rapists into their country and he would become president to solve all their problems because "the American dream is dead."

Fast forward to today.

President Donald Trump is under criminal investigation, and even though he hires only the best people, many of them too are under FBI investigation. He has passed exactly zero major legislation, his attempts to "protect" America have been blocked in the courts, and he is now an international joke.

So Trump is relegated now, on his two-year anniversary, to bragging on Twitter that he has "over 100 million" followers. 

Breaking news, Donald: Half of them are bots. Many of them, like me, aren't fans, we're journalists dedicated to documenting everything you do to protect America - which was supposed to be your job.

Trump on Thursday took to Twitter four times to rage against the criminal investigation into his possible obstruction of justice, to attack the highly-respected war hero running the investigation, and to attack Hillary Clinton 219 days after he won the White House.

Friday morning, Trump was back, reduced to bragging about his followers and claiming the media, "the Fake News Media," hates when he tweets. 

"The Fake News Media hates when I use what has turned out to be my very powerful Social Media - over 100 million people! I can go around them," he posted.

Trump apparently is lying about his social media followers. Even if you include his followers from his official White House POTUS accounts, on Twitter and Facebook his accounts total about 75 million followers.

realdonaldtrump: 32.4 million
POTUS: 18.8 million

Donald Trump: 22.4 million
POTUS: 1.7 million

Total: about 75.3 million, not 100 million.

For which he was immediately mocked:

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