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Trump Invites GOP Lawmaker Who Called for Clinton to Be ‘Shot for Treason’ to White House Bill Signing



Al Baldasaro Repeatedly Called for Clinton’s Murder, Is ‘Disgusted’ by Gay U.S. Soldiers

Republicans are falsely claiming “leftists” are the ones who are using violence and violent rhetoric but that did not stop the Trump administration from having one particular New Hampshire state lawmaker attend a veterans’ bill signing Friday in the White House. GOP Rep. Al Baldasaro, who has a history of offensive behavior, last year said Democratic presidential nominee “Hillary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason.”

Baldasaro had told a local radio station, “anyone who takes information about our CIA or Secret Service and people at our embassy and puts it out on a server where anyone can grab it, putting Americans in danger to be killed, should be held accountable.”

“As far as I’m concerned, it is treason and the penalty for treason is the firing squad – or maybe it’s the electric chair now,” he added.

Baldasaro not only repeated his remarks, but repeatedly refused to apologize.

The Secret Service reportedly investigated, and the White House could have refused to allow him entry.

Baldasaro was a Trump campaign advisor, a Trump delegate, and the co-chair of Trump’s national veterans coalition, a group that mainly gave Trump cover to appear as if he were supporting veterans. 

Baldasaro’s hateful rhetoric extends far beyond Clinton.

After Army Capt. Stephen Hill was booed at a Republican presidential debate in 2011, Baldasaro piled on, saying he was “disgusted” by Hill, ThinkProgress reported. He added, “when the shit hits the fan, you want your brothers covering your back, not looking at your back.”

Also that year, as lawmakers including Baldasaro considered same-sex marriage for the Granite State, ThinkProgress’ Zack Ford recorded these comments from Baldasaro during the bill’s debate: 

It’s not normal. I disagree. So because I disagree with something that was pushed down my throat, I’m supposed to roll over because, Representative, you think it’s normal? I’m sorry, you’ve got the wrong person. […]

What about being disrespectful to sister-sister that love each other? Sister-brother? Sister-mom? Incest? …Are we discriminating against all them? What about the Muslims now? Everyone’s praising the Muslims. They’re killing us. What about them? They want three, four wive? We’re discriminating against them! […]

I wanted to make sure everyone understood here that this legislature sold the rights of $10,000 per kid under Title IV E, when they said that homosexual couples — not married — could adopt. […] We sold each kid to a homosexual couple that’s not married for $10,000.

It’s unclear what checks were used to screen invitees to the President’s bill signing Friday.


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Trump Campaign Forced to Say It Doesn’t Support Comments of Advisor Calling for Clinton to Be Shot

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Trump Decimated for Trying to Start Up Infrastructure Week Again While the Nation Is Crippled by ‘His Incompetence’



It’s going to be “Infrastructure Week,” again, apparently.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday tweeted that he wants to begin “Phase 4” (there was never an actual Phase 1, 2, or 3) of “our decades long awaited Infrastructure Bill” – proving he has never accomplished this goal that he keeps trotting out, often as a distraction.

“With interest rates for the United States being at ZERO, this is the time to do our decades long awaited Infrastructure Bill,” Trump tweeted. “It should be VERY BIG & BOLD, Two Trillion Dollars, and be focused solely on jobs and rebuilding the once great infrastructure of our Country! Phase 4.”

The Washington Post’s JM Rieger notes this would be at least the eighth time Trump has tried this.

Economist David Rothschild says if Trump had actually done a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill when he first took office it would have been “popular” and “productive.”

Many on social media noted that construction workers, like many if not most Americans, are currently under stay-at-home directions, what the nation really needs right now is PPE, ventilators, and rent and mortgage checks, and food. Some called for a focus on creating a now very-proven necessary universal healthcare system. And some called for invoking the 25th Amendment.

Image: Official White House Photo by Benjamin Applebaum via Flickr

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Franklin Graham Is Behind NYC’s Central Park COVID-19 Field Hospital – Volunteers Asked to ‘Support’ Anti-LGBTQ Beliefs



NY State Senator Warns Graham to Not Discriminate

North Carolina’s infamous anti-LGBTQ activist, Franklin Graham, a religious extremist who is closely tied to President Donald Trump, is behind the emergency COVID-19 field hospital in New York City’s Central Park. Graham founded and runs the evangelical ministry Samaritan’s Purse, whose mission is neither healthcare nor disaster relief, but “to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

It’s unclear how a far right wing anti-LGBTQ Christian evangelical organization was allowed to build a 68-bed field unit that will be managed by a top New York City hospital, Mount Sinai, which has Jewish roots and whose president is openly gay – both of which violate Graham’s mission.

Gothamist notes that Graham has “a track record of using humanitarian missions to proselytize an evangelical agenda.”

The New York Times once described Samaritan’s Purse as an “American evangelical relief group that is using private donations and United States government money to help victims of two earthquakes,” and reported it “has blurred the line between church and state as its volunteers preach, pray and seek converts among people desperate for help.”

Graham wants only Christian medical staff, including doctors, to work in his field hospital.

According to Samaritan’s Purse, volunteers are asked to support Graham’s extreme anti-LGBTQ beliefs.

“The primary mission of Samaritan’s Purse is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we seek volunteers who have the same mindset. We ask that volunteers review our Statement of Faith and agree to support the ministry guidelines of Samaritan’s Purse.”

His Statement of Faith includes this belief:

“We believe God’s plan for human sexuality is to be expressed only within the context of marriage, that God created man and woman as unique biological persons made to complete each other. God instituted monogamous marriage between male and female as the foundation of the family and the basic structure of human society. For this reason, we believe that marriage is exclusively the union of one genetic male and one genetic female.”

New York State Senator Brad Hoylman on Monday warned Graham to not discriminate.

Graham has also sent his “mobile ministry center” to NYC.


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REVEALED: Kushner Firm Built Coronavirus Website Trump Promised Google Was Building



More details about Donald Trump administration’s haphazard response to the COVID-19 pandemic were revealed in a bombshell new report published by The Atlantic on Monday evening.

“On March 13, President Donald Trump promised Americans they would soon be able to access a new website that would ask them about their symptoms and direct them to nearby coronavirus testing sites. He said Google was helping. That wasn’t true,” The Atlantic reported.

“But in the following days, Oscar Health—a health-insurance company closely connected to Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner—developed a government website with the features the president had described. A team of Oscar engineers, project managers, and executives spent about five days building a stand-alone website at the government’s request, an Oscar spokesperson told The Atlantic. The company even dispatched two employees from New York to meet in person with federal officials in Washington, D.C., the spokesperson said. Then the website was suddenly and mysteriously scrapped,” the magazine reported.

“The full extent of Oscar’s work on the project has not been previously reported. The partnership between the administration and the firm suggests that Kushner may have mingled his family’s business interests with his political interests and his role in the administration’s coronavirus response,” The Atlantic noted. “The ad hoc nature of Kushner’s task force has already collided with federal laws. Oscar’s involvement deepens Kushner’s ethics and conflict-of-interest problems.”


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