So, What About the Tweet Trump Just Posted Everyone Seems to Be Ignoring?


Donald Trump Isn't Doing His Job

President Donald Trump Monday morning went on not one but two Twitter rampages, essentially calling for his "watered-down" Muslim ban to be unblocked by the Supreme Court, and attacking the Mayor of London, again, and less than two days after Britain's capital city was attacked by terrorists. But lost in his second tantrum was this tweet that seems to have been largely ignored by the mainstream media:

Let's just call this what it is: a bald-faced lie.

The problem isn't so-called Democratic obstructionism, the problem is Trump isn't doing his job.

And we'll happily prove it.

The Washington Post is tracking all of Trump's key positions, keeping a running total.

Americans should be concerned - and furious.

Starting on day one, President Trump had to fill 559 key positions. Those are just the key ones and those require Senate confirmation. There are actually thousands of positions Trump is supposed to fill, but let's just focus on the most important.

Of those 559 key positions, including cabinet secretaries and deputy secretaries, ambassadors, and more, Trump has not even bothered to nominate 442 of them. That's 79 percent, nearly 8 out of ten, not even nominated.

In total, Trump has nominated just 63 people for those 559 key positions. Of those, 39 have been confirmed, and there are another 15 awaiting nomination - meaning Trump has said who he intends to nominate but hasn't bothered to send the Senate the paperwork.  For example, as many are noting today, on January 19, the day before he was sworn in, Trump announced his Ambassador to the UK would be Robert Wood Johnson. He has yet to file the appropriate papers. On March 9, Trump announced his Ambassador to Russia would be Jon Huntsman, Jr. Again, no papers filed. March 16, Trump announced Patrick Shanahan as his Deputy Secretary of Defense. No papers filed. 

The Senate cannot begin the process of considering a nominee if the White House hasn't formally nominated someone, and that requires paperwork. 

There are, by the way, more than 50 ambassador or ambassador-level positions for which there are no nominees. 

Trump talks a big game about how important safety and security are to him. He promised just this morning he is working to keep America safe - even though this is a lie:

If Trump really wanted to keep America safe, instead of trying to build a border wall, why did it take him, per the Washington Post, nearly two months to officially nominate someone he had already announced to become the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner?


Why did it take more than a month to file the paperwork for his nominee to be Under secretary for intelligence and analysis at the Dept. of Homeland Security?


Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is responsible for bringing nominations to the Senate floor, so perhaps Trump should be asking him what the holdup is?

Screenshots via The Washington Post


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