Gays Are Like Hitler, Trans Kids Are ‘All the Devil’ Says Former Tennis Champ


Homosexuality 'Will Destroy Their Lives' Margaret Court Claims

Retired tennis champ Margaret Court is continuing her attacks on the LGBT community. Court is now comparing gay people to Hitler, and saying transgender children's minds are possessed by the devil. Court, who retired after becoming the most-awarded tennis professional in history, is a Pentecostal minister in Australia. She says she is being "persecuted" by the LGBT community, after her announcement last week she is boycotting Quanta Airlines because it is "an active promoter for same sex marriage." 

Gay people "are now bullying us," Court charges. "I have nothing against homosexual people, they can lead their life, but don't touch marriage, and it's permanent and precious."

In a lengthy audio interview with 20Twenty Vision Christian radio host Neil Johnson Monday, Court continued her unprovoked attacks.

"God's got so much in there about the mind how it affects us, affects our emotions, our feelings, you can think 'oh I'm a boy' and it'll affect your emotions and feelings, and everything else and so that's all the Devil," she said of transgender children, The Daily Telegraph reports.

"That's what Hitler did, that's what Communism did — got the mind of the children. And it's a whole plot in our nation and in the nations of the world to get the minds of the children."

The Daily Mail adds that Court "made the bizarre link between Nazis and transgender children after she was asked about the prevalence of transgender athletes in Australian sport."

The former tennis star also said transgender children are a product of parents who 'don't care'.

'If you haven't got parents who bring you up that way and you have parents that don't care, and you're hurt and offended if somebody's saying something to you,' Court said.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Court also said, "tennis is full of lesbians because even when I was playing there was only a couple there but those couple that lead that took young ones into parties and things," seemingly implyimng older lesbians were preying on younger ones.

"And because they liked to be around heroes and what you get at the top is often what you will get right through that sport," she claimed.

The Telegraph notes that "Court also claimed that gay men in her church wanted to stop young men being gay."

"They are also trying also to protect young people from going this way because they know that it will destroy their lives," Court said.

Civil rights activists are speaking out.

"To link same-sex marriage champions to Nazism and the Holocaust is 'profoundly offensive, betrays an utter lack of understanding of the historical truth and only fans the flames of hatred and demonisation,' says Dr Dvir Abramovich, chairman of civil rights group the Anti-Defamation commission," the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

"This absolute lack of compassion also insults the memory of the victims, which included gay people, as well as survivors and all those Diggers who fought against the Nazis," he said. "We urge Margaret Court to apologise for appalling and hurtful rhetoric."

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