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15 Arrested in Violent Pro and Anti-Trump Skirmish in Berkeley, CA (Video)



Police Continuing to Monitor the Situation

Two separate rallies were held at the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park today in Berkeley, California – one in support of Donald Trump and the other in opposition of the president. Despite a makeshift barrier between the two events, violence soon erupted.

As NBC’s Bay Area affiliate reported, the Berkeley police released in a statement that “there continues to be a number of large fights, some property damage and numerous projectiles being thrown, including fireworks.”

Though they further reported that prior to the events, city leaders “banned pipes, bats, bricks, rocks, glass bottles, shields, pepper spray, sticks and other potentially dangerous items,” many of these items have been confiscated by police following the violence in the park – including a knife, stun gun, flagpoles and “other contraband.”

Fifteen people have been arrested according to the San Francisco ABC affiliate, and police continue to monitor the situation. Berkeley police have asked that anyone with photos or videos of the clash share them with police at or

Video and live accounts of the clash from Twitter can be seen below, but NCRM cautions that some readers may find some content disturbing:


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‘Toxic Risk’: French Hospital Halts Test of Trump-Promoted Malaria Drug to Battle COVID-19 Over Heart Failure Worries



“The remedy should not be more harmful than the disease itself.”

President Donald Trump’s promotion of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 has drawn criticism from medical experts who say much more work needs to be done before anyone can say it’s effective at stopping the disease.

And now one hospital in France has stopped its testing of hydroxychloroquine on COVID-19 patients over worries that the drug poses a “toxic risk” to people’s hearts when taken in combination with other drugs.

French newspaper Nice Matin reports that Nice University Hospital “immediately stopped” its use of hydroxychloroquine in patients who exhibit “major risks” of suffering heart failure due to the drug.

“When hydroxychloroquine is given on its own, the cardiac risk is very low,” explained Émile Ferrari, the chief of the hospital’s cardiology department. “On the other hand, the antibiotic (azithromycin) which is systematically prescribed in combination with hydroxychloroquine in the anti-Covid protocol also favors these anomalies. The cardiological risk is then potentiated… if there are other associated drugs which have the same undesirable effect.”

Related: Big Pharma-Funded Group Founded by Billionaire Trump Backer Tied to President’s Promotion of Malaria Drug for COVID-19

Ferrari concluded that doctors should be careful and not view hydroxychloroquine as a miracle cure.

“It is true that Covid-19 kills, but the remedy should not be more harmful than the disease itself,” he said.


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‘Break Glass Moment for Our Democracy’: Experts Sound Alarm Over Trump Plan to Purge 7 Inspectors General



President Donald Trump is expected to fire at least seven top inspectors general, and legal experts are sounding the alarm.

Late Tuesday night RealClearPolitics White House and national political correspondent Susan Crabtree dropped this bombshell:

Crabtree later noted “more changes may come later.”

Indeed, as Crabtree mentioned, Trump in fact did make the announcement Tuesday during the coronavirus briefing, but it went largely unnoticed.

Asked by a reporter about his Tuesday firing of Glenn Fine, the Acting Inspector General for the Defense Department, Trump rambled, saying that as president he has the right to fire Inspectors General. (That could be challenged in court if he goes through with the plan.)

“Well, we have a IGs [sic] in from the Obama era,” Trump told the reporter asking about Fine, an IG who has worked for every President since Bill Clinton. “And as you know, it’s a presidential decision. And I left them, largely. I may change some, but I left them.”

“But when we have, you know, reports of bias and when we have different things coming in — I don’t know Fine; I don’t think I ever met Fine. I heard the name –” Trump continued. “I heard the name.”

There are no credible reports of bias.

“I don’t know where he is,” Trump continued. “Maybe he was from Clinton. Okay? You have to check that out? Okay, maybe he’s from Clinton.”

“But we did change him, but we changed a number,” Trump said, suggesting the firing of a veteran and highly-regarded Inspector General is akin to getting an oil change.

And then Trump snuck in the bombshell.

“We have about seven nominations in,” meaning he will be replacing seven Inspectors General, or Acting IGs. “I believe we put seven very, very highly qualified people for the IG position. And, you know, that’s a decision that I could have made three years ago and I could have made two years ago. But we’re putting in — not so much for him. We’re putting in seven names. I think it was seven. And they’re going in now.”

Trump late Friday evening fired Michael Atkinson, the Intelligence Community Inspector General. Atkinson fulfilled his legal obligation to report a credible whistleblower complaint to Congress, and President Trump on Monday fully admitted that was the reason he fired him.

On Tuesday President Trump fired Glenn Fine, the Acting Inspector General for the Defense Department, who had just been named by his peers to oversee the $2 trillion emergency coronavirus support program, which includes a $500 billion slush fund that will be managed by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

Legal experts and lawmakers responded to the news Trump plans to purge seven Inspectors General, expressing anger and grave concern.

U.S. Senator (D-HI):

Former CIA Officer:

Former U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications:

Former Senior Director for Counterterrorism at the National Security Council staff:

Head of the Brennan Center’s National Task Force on Rule of Law and Democracy:

Former director of USAID’s Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA):

Noted political scientist and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI):

Former federal corruption prosecutor, now Executive Director of CREW:

U.S. Senator (D-CT):

Law Professor at University of Texas School of Law, CNN’s Supreme Court analyst:

Noted activist:

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‘Still in That Hut in Kenya’: President’s New White House Press Secretary Is a Birther – and a Huge Hypocrite



President Donald Trump on Tuesday appointed Christian conservative Kayleigh McEnany, who is his re-election campaign’s national press secretary, to be the new White House press secretary.

Like her boss, Kayleigh McEnany is a birther.

And like her boss, McEnany is a huge hypocrite.

Here’s the new, incoming White House press secretary from 2012, the year President Obama was re-elected, spouting birtherism and racism:

There’s this tweet, also from 2012, that furthers the birther conspiracy and adds to it the racist implication that Black people don’t perform as well as white people, or that if they get into good schools it’s only through affirmative action programs, which is false.

It’s not just McEnany’s birtherism and racism that are disturbing to see in anyone working in the White House, it’s her hypocrisy as well.

In 2015 McEnany was not impressed with then-candidate Trump:

But she focused much of her time attacking President Barack Obama, for issues she ignores with President Trump.

Here she goes after Obama for golfing (NCRM has not verified if her claim is true):

Here she attacks President Obama for blaming his predecessor, which Trump does almost daily.

Here she praises Mitt Romney for not attacking his fellow Republicans – something Trump does on a regular basis:

Here she attacks Obama for increasing the national debt after the global financial crisis. Trump has increased the debt in three years  far more than Obama ever did in eight.

Here she attacks Obama for not going to church regularly. Her boss almost never does – yet claims to be highly religious, and uses the evangelical right as a shield.

Finally, we’ll just leave these last two hypocritical tweets here without comment:

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license

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