REPORT: Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze Suspends Tomi Lahren After She Says She’s Pro-Choice


Conservative Intolerance?

Right wing conservative commentator Tomi Lahren has been called "White Power Barbie," accused of holding racist views, and has made disgusting and offensive comments about many issues. In fact, she doesn't care what you call her, she said last year:

Lahren, who works for Glenn Beck's TheBlaze, and who by no means are we defending, was just suspended, for at least a week according to The Daily Beast, after saying last week she is pro-choice.

Was Lahren suspended for her deeply held beliefs because they don't match those of her employer?

Lahren's "comments led to a public scolding from her boss, Glenn Beck, who then used his radio show on Monday morning to subtly jab at her as intellectually dishonest," The Daily Beast reports.

According to The Daily Caller, another conservative outlet, Lahren's "suspension is in effect for at least one week," and that even though "Lahren's contract with the company goes until September... she may leave the company before then."

In case you've never heard of the 24-year old who claims President Donald Trump has called her to thank her for her fair reporting, here's a vile commentary she made last month about Trump revoking Obama's guidance protecting transgender students:


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