Majority of Americans Who Support Trump Muslim Travel Ban Say Bowling Green Massacre Proves It’s Needed


Country Evenly Split on Wanting to Impeach President

Almost half of Americans - 49% - oppose President Donald Trump's Muslim travel ban, the one the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Thursday night unanimously ruled will stay placed on hold. Just 45 percent support the likely unconstitutional ban, but as Public Policy Polling notes, just how well-informed are they?

The majority, 64%, including 51% of Trump voters, who support the Muslim travel ban say the Bowling Green Massacre proves Trump's ban is necessary. 

As (hopefully) most Americans now know, there was no Bowling Green Massacre, it was made up by Trump White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway. It was a lie, one she uttered on at least three separate occasions.

That's all bad news for the president, but it gets much worse when voters weigh in on him.

"If voters could choose they'd rather have both Barack Obama (52/44) or Hillary Clinton (49/45) instead of Trump," PPP reports.

Trump's disapproval rating is now 53%, with just 43% of voters approving how he's doing his job. That is historically bad for a president just three weeks in office. 

But it gets worse.

Americans are evenly split on impeaching the 45th president, 46-46. Two weeks ago 35% wanted Trump impeached. That's an eleven-point jump.

"It only took three weeks in office for half the country to decide it wants to impeach Donald Trump," said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. "Voters who didn't like Trump but were willing to give him a chance have quickly decided he's not fit to hold the office." 


Image by Loco Steve via Flickr and a CC license

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