Jill Stein Blames Democrats for Betsy DeVos Confirmation


Not a Single Democrat Voted for DeVos

Jill Stein Tuesday afternoon spoke out against the 48 Democratic senators who all voted against the confirmation of Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary. Stein, the Green party's 2016 presidential nominee, claimed the grossly unqualified Trump nominee won confirmation because Democrats "serve corporate interests." 

DeVos early Tuesday afternoon was confirmed 51-50, with Mike Pence forced to cast a historic tie-breaking vote, the first time a cabinet nominee has ever needed one.

All Democrats, two Republicans, and the Senate's two independents voted against confirming DeVos. 

Stein, whose candidacy in a very small way negatively impacted Hillary Clinton's chances, certainly is more to blame for Betsy DeVos becoming the Secretary of Education than any Democratic Senator:

Blowback against Stein was immediate:

An inquiry to the only currently published Stein email address NCRM could locate bounced.

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Image by Daniel Nesbitt via Flickr and a CC license 

This article has been updated to note two Republicans voted against DeVos. 

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