At Prayer Breakfast Trump Promises to ‘Get Rid of and Totally Destroy’ Law Banning Churches From Endorsing Candidates


'My Administration Will Do Everything in Its Power to Protect and Defend Religious Liberty in Our Land'

President Donald Trump promised attendees at the Thursday morning's National Prayer Breakfast he will "get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson Amendment," a law that prohibits some non-profits and religious organizations from endorsing political candidates. A bill to repeal that law was re-introduced Wednesday, with the assistance of an anti-LGBT hate group.

In short, the law exists to protect the separation of church and state. In recent years the religious right has flagrantly defied it, with zero retribution from the IRS, and yet they are demanding it be repealed. They falsely claim it limits their free speech rights, while neglecting to mention religious organizations do not pay taxes, costing taxpayers over $80 billion a year.

"My administration will do everything in its power to protect and defend religious liberty in our land," Trump pledged. In the coming days, Trump said, his administration will ensure only those who love America will be admitted in to its borders. "We want people to come into our nation but we want people to love us and to love our values not to hate us."

"Our republic was formed on the basis that freedom is not a gift from government but that freedom is a gift from God," Trump told the 3500 or so attendees.

"America will flourish as long as our liberty, and in particular, our religious liberty," is protected.

Trump concluded is remarks by saying Americans want "one nation, under God."

Some responses via Twitter:

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