Trump’s @POTUS Twitter Account Has Been Using a Gmail Address With No Security


Lock Him Up?

Donald Trump has tanked multi-national military contractors' stocks with a tweet. He conducts foreign policy from his personal Twitter account. Any decent hacker likely could do real damage to the nation without a lot of effort, one would imagine. Starting a war? Who knows these days. Earlier this month Buzzfeed called Trump's Twitter account "A Security Disaster Waiting To Happen."

"With no known special security protections, @realDonaldTrump could be exploited for financial gain, to cause geopolitical instability, or worse," the article notes.

When Donald Trump became president he didn't inherit Barack Obama's @POTUS Twitter account. Twitter archived Obama's account as @POTUS44, and a "new" @POTUS account was created. (All of Obama's followers were also included with his account, so Trump had to start with zero followers.)

But as election experts have noted, Trump may have won in part by attacking Hillary Clinton for her private email server and too casual handling of sensitive emails. It turns out, by comparison Clinton's procedures were like Fort Knox.

We've learned that Donald Trump is using an unsecured Android cell phone to tweet and presumably perform other functions. Members of Trump's administration are - possibly illegally - using private email accounts to perform government business, with those accounts housed on the RNC's email server, which was hacked.

And now, thanks to several reporters and Hillary Clinton's social media director, Alex Wall, Donald Trump's @POTUS Twitter account is linked to a Gmail account apparently belonging to Dan Scavino, ironically Trump's social media director. It also is not using any security procedures, like two-step authorization, where Twitter sends an authorization code to your cell phone or email address as a way of ensuring hackers who have obtained your password still cannot access your account. 

TV Guide's managing editor Alex Zalben is one of the reporters who has tweeted that Trump's @POTUS account was tied to a Gmail address:

Zalben offered this commentary:

A Politico reporter confirmed the Gmail link:

But wait, there's a lot more.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been accidentally tweeting out his password. Twice:

And Spicer also tied his @PressSec Twitter account to a Gmail account.

On Tuesday, CNN reported the "same hacker who breached 500 ISIS accounts on Twitter has a message for President Trump: change your security settings ASAP."

WauchulaGhost contacted me about these insecurities on Saturday. I spent the last three days trying to reach the White House for their response to WauchulaGhost's claims. I sent multiple emails, including several directly to Dan Scavino, Donald Trump's head of social media. 

On Monday night, WauchulaGhost made it more public, tweeting the emails associated with the accounts and the message: "Change your emails & Fix Settings."

After uproar on Twitter, it appears these accounts are now tied to official White House "EOP" (Executive Office Of President) email addresses, which is a start. Still, no two-step authorization.

Calling Trump's administration the JV team would be too kind.


Donald Trump foments violence and hate, is a serial liar, a racist, a misogynist, a supporter of white nationalism, a fascistic bully, an authoritarian thug, a sexual assault and adultery braggart, a hypocrite, a defrauder, and is a danger to civil rights, freedom of the press, and peace around the world.

You can respond directly to Donald Trump by sending your comments to him on Twitter: @realDonaldTrump or @POTUS.
(Why are we including this information?)


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